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This Ramadan, Shop at Lulu Hypermarket, Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

Less than one week to go before the fasting season is upon Malaysians. Ramadan is a time of togetherness, when celebrants spend time with family and friends for a month of religious observance and festivities. Be it clothing, supplies for the home, recipe ideas or gifts, a lot goes into preparing for the season. You definitely wouldn't want to miss out on these Ramadan Kareem Value Deals! Promotion valid from 1st May - 10 June 2019 at Lulu Hypermarket, Kuala Lumpur. Provides everyday low prices, huge variety and great value for everyday groceries, fresh produce, household products and more. Preparing for Ramadan can be stressful. Fret not because you can enjoy a stress-free preparation at Lulu Hypermarket. Great deal awaits when you shop at Lulu Hypermarket from 1st May - 10 June 2019. Don't wait any longer and head over to the Lulu Hypermarket today so you can have a comfortable Ramadan ahead. Bazar Raya (until 21 May 2019) – Promotion Area, Level 2 A place where

Why Become A Seller at

Image is not a strangers among Ecommerce Store online shopping platform ,  is created to provide professional online shopping services and  is the brainchild of Mr.Danial MA, an entrepreneur from Malaysia with years of experience in business and fund management sector.He founded with an objective to empower the handmade & women entrepreneur through the Mycliks eco-system.  Trying their best to provide excellence service while keep focusing  more on local demands. Nowadays not like those days, Technology makes life easier, service brings more comforts and dedicated to provide better service, ultimately and they hope everyone can create better lifestyle, simple and convenient. In which buyers and sellers can communicate.  also gave an opportunity for seller Growing online platform with objective to boost SME’s & retail sellers and also Online business skills and guidance. It’s great to have you on board as a s

Be a Smarter Car Insurance Consumer Like me.

I’ve been driving while holding a valid licence for more than 15 years.  You’reprobably an experienced driver with 40+ years of accident-free driving history and,like me is looking for a good insurance deal. First, let’s get something obvious out of the way. Generally speaking, if you have along history of safe driving, then the insurance company/takaful provider is going to look at you more favourably than someone who has many claims. - How important is to calculating car insurance rates?  - How much of an effect does experience have on the cost of your car insurance? Upon renewal of motor insurance, insurance companies/takaful providers generally reward No Claim DIscount (NCD) between 25% and 55% to drivers who have not made any motor claims. I have more great news! Now we can customize motor insurance plans to fit what we need. More choices, products and fairer price. By the way, do you also know you have the power to reduce your insurance rates? Avoid Car Accidents to


四月二十三日, SCLAND发展商私人有限公司全资子公司 Alcom 集团公司举行了奠基仪式. 对于在哥打白沙罗这的 计划 推出雪兰莪第一电子商务中心 EMHub, 位于 在哥打白罗 市中心的战略商业区. 为了跟进一步, 中小企业和电子商务中心业务在EMHub设计了为一站式商店与办公室,  展示房间和配送中心设备 在 同一屋檐下. 多功能的创新发展 和 适合所有业务 的 需求. EMHub位于战略位置 靠近NKVE,NSE 和 DASH高速公路,在多大小的会议室 设备 和 露台多 功能 厅, EMHub还有 露台 花园,游戏室, 露台 健身房 和 篮球场.24小时保安部队,高速光纤 和 为快递和物 流运 营商提供空间.使用了 9.4 英亩的土地, 六层高的商业中心.两个快铁火车站,单位大小是2,196 平方尺 到4,014 平方尺. 有两座高 楼,  一座 总共有 二百四十七 单位. 由出席的是特邀嘉宾 YAB Tuan Amirudin Bin Shari, 雪兰莪州部长,YB Dato' Teng Chang Khim, 高级执行委员 和 常务委员会主席 , YB Tuan Hee Loy Sian,环境主席 ,  Dato'   Hasan  Azhari HJ. Idris,  雪兰莪 首席执行官 投资 公司, Dato' Tony Lim, SCLAND发展商私人有限公司董事总经理. 预计在2022年起好,这 六层高的商业中心 9.4 英亩的土地提供 配送中心设备 在 同一屋檐下有套房 办公室,孵卵器, 共同工作空间 和 零售空间. 在他的演讲中,Dato' Seri Subahan Kamal, Alcom Group Berhad 董事长说, EMHub是一个非常适合做生意的空间.我们已经拥有了电子商务的买家. 在仪式上,EMHub 和Emporis 是第一 次 共同在雪兰莪而被YAB Tuan Amirudin Bin Shari, 雪兰莪州部长授予临时SITEC 电子商务中心 证书. 有了这个 证书, SITEC 和 雪兰莪州政府可以在发展上确认作为 电子商务 在马来西亚的活动促进因素. 雪兰莪州政府对关于这雪兰莪大转折的 电子商务中心 很认真.

The Launching of Vitalicia SUPERMODEL Glow | Malaysia

The new revolution supplement Vitalicia Supermodel Glow is now launched in Malaysia, the founder is Aleeya 34, a supermodel that encourage men and women a better lifestyle. "Do you wanted to look like a supermodel, Be like a supermodel, Feel like a supermodel? Let's unleash the supermodel within with VITALICIA SUPERMODEL GLOW! , "Said Aleeya Zailan as Founder & Managing Director of Vitalicia Sdn Bhd. Important info -Vitalicia Supermodel Glow is a new revolutionary food supplement for women, uses only the best sources of herbs that have gone through various processes and efficacy tests. The natural formula of a combination of clinically nutritious ingredients is specially designed for inner and outer beauty. -Vitalicia Supermodel Glow comes in the form of powder and the main ingredient is camu-camu, a fruit that taste sour. -One package contain 71mg of Vitamin C efficacy over 75mg, recommended daily Vitamin C intake for women. Take a packet in the morning

Believe it or not, Fisherman's Friend Blackcurrant Hits Malaysian Shelves

Great News for Blackcurrant Lovers, this one is for you!! A refreshing burst of blackcurrant flavour is now just a pop away with the all new Fisherman's Friend Blackcurrant lozenges. Combining the signature menthol flavour of Fisherman's Friend with the fruity zest of blackcurrant, this newest offering is sure to please the palate. A household favourite amongst Malaysians, Fisherman's Friend lozenges are known for their unmistakable soothing sensation and breath freshening effect. Every Fisherman's Friend lozenges pack features the brands innovative "Zip & Lock" feature, to ensure each lozenge is as fresh as the last one. Throughout the years, Fisherman's Friend has been introducing various products to suit the needs of their consumers, including sugar free lozenges. This latest addition to the range is also sugar free and is a great alternative for those looking for no sugar options. Mohan Alagappar, General Manager of GBA Corporation

Can You Believe, Siti Suriani Wedding is Sponsored with the amount of 500k

Congratulations to newlyweds Siti Suriani and her lifetime partner, wish a you happily ever after with such a grand wedding. Guess what, the whole wedding is sponsored with up to RM500, 000.00. Yes, there are eight zero behind the five, RM500k!!. Sponsored from A to Z, are you that lucky?? ⬛⬛⬛Sponsorsss as Below⬛⬛⬛ ◾Pelamin and Hall decorations from Wedding by emma ◾Baju Pengantin dari Dlia Jane Bridal Collection ◾Grand Cake dari Mad About Cake ◾VIP Menu dari Rumpun Selera ◾Coffe Es-Cream dari Ana Zahra Beauty ◾Jamu dari Seri Lady Empire Resources ◾Tudung Bawal Bridesmaids dari Gallery Bawal ◾Kain Pasang Diamond dari Irahsukri http

Seri Darass Slimming Tea | Malaysia

People have been raving about slimming tea and I have read a lot of positive results or reviews from drinking them, so I thought why not I give it a try and see the result myself. Seri Darass tea is actually is a slimming teas that you only get at  Seri Darass Official IG Or FB ( & ). Seri Darass tea helps to regulate your digestive system and bowel movement by cleansing your tummy and flushing out any unwanted toxins. The special of this product is you won't poo like hell by having the "Dxxxx Sxxx" that I had before. With the experience before. I need to be around with toilet bowl all the time and Poo in Anytime, You can imagine if you're travelling or all day long driving. you can't control it!! Secondly, This product is Cheap as RM9.90 only per packet for one week Usage and drop weight 2 - 3kg in a week. To cook this Traditional Slimming tea puree is really easy as 123