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SENIKOME Peng Heng , First World Genting

"Our Art, Our Home" I'm a person that more into art and love to know more about the culture from every corner of the world . Art culture always makes me curios to know more whats happen before or after even decades . Histories always happen before we born  , that's why we have Museum all around the world . Every Countries have their own Histories , And i'm ready to learn .
SENIKOME means " Our art " and "seni kami " in east coast Malay slang . The SeniKome Péng Hēng , East Coast Arts & Cultural Centre is a place where exploration and inspiration come together . Located in Level 3 of First World Plaza , the centre features a thematic showcase of art and cultural essences from Peninsular Malaysia’s East Coast states, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan .
Seni Kome, which directly translates to “Our Art” in the Pahang local dialect is dedicated to promoting the beauty of East Coast Malaysia’s local craft, fashion, games, food and music. From auth…

MY Train - Venture , Siemens - Malaysia

Once again Siemens brings Joy to kids with the launch of it's " My Train Ventures " Children's activity book , in Conjunction with the KVMRT Sungai Buloh to Kajang Phase two Opening .
Siemens Malaysia held the official launch of it's " My Train - Ventures " children activity book that located at NU Sentral . The event attracted about 150 shoppers and also me to witness the launching officiated by Prakash Chandran , President & CEO of Siemens Malaysia . Along with Ben Chong , Head Of business Development of Siemens Malaysia . Once of The Purpose in this event are to demonstrate is raising awareness and understanding of public transportation to Malaysian children trough their corporate citizenship initiative . The Siemens " My Train Ventures " Children's activity book series is made for three different age groups and it comes with striking illustrations and entertaining storylines with a unique learning experience . The adventures and im…

Traveloka - A Smartest Way to book Hotel and Flight For the Greatest Deal

During this august , I will have a long holiday break while working so hard for the coming project and Finally gonna end soon all this nightmares . First stop Definitely is gonna be at a beach , lay back down and spend much more time to relax on the beach drinking coconut . During few years back till now , I will book Flight Ticket and staycation separately to get the great deal but it was tiring . So , I planned together with my family a trip by booking the Suria Cherating Beach Resort that located at Kuantan by boarding on flight From Kuala Lumpur . While Scrolling on the browser , Traveloka shown up and pull my attention to click in and found out it's was one of the leading flight and hotel booking platform in Southeast Asia , serving more than 18,000 routes and thousands of hotels in Asia Pacific and to book flights and hotels to my favourite destination . Get cheap flight tickets and hotels on Traveloka website or mobile application .
I decided to book Suria Cherating Beach …

Chow Kit Trade Center , Malaysia

Chow Kit is a sub-district in central Kuala Lumpur where Malay urbanites usually shop for their daily essentials . It is also one of the early Malay settlements in Kuala Lumpur . Chow Kit Market is a landmark in the area . This colourful wet market features narrow walkways which lead visitors through a maze of stalls selling daily necessities, apparel, dry goods, fruits, etc. It is a place where one can easily do his or her daily shopping and experience the buzz of local life .
Chow Kit is also one of the largest wholesale hubs in Kuala Lumpur . Jewellery, apparel, handbags, cosmetics and many more can be found here at affordable prices, making it a good spot for small traders to procure their wares . Chow Kit not only has a strong Malay and rustic charm, it is also surrounded by modern skyscrapers like the majestic and world-famous PETRONAS Twin Towers . The sharp contrast between modernization and tradition gives it a unique attraction power to draw local and foreign visitors .