Affect Nusantara, an initiative of hope and new beginnings | Malaysia

Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) announced its fundraising initiative, Affect Nusantara, to bring much needed post relief aid for victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Lombok and Palu in Indonesia.

A movement of solidarity, Affect Nusantara is a cultural, social and charitable endeavour that aims to raise RM300,000 to build sustainable shelters called Rumah Syukur, providing a more permanent living solution for affected families. Built on the site of the victims’ original homes, each Rumah Syukur has a life span of ten years and can be expanded from an initial living room, kitchen and two-bedroom structure into a larger family home structure. This permanent living solution will greatly alleviate health, sanitation and safety issues that exist at the temporary tent shelters that families have been living in since the disaster.
Affect Nusantara was initiated by Wulan Amaraja Moiz who was deeply moved by the distress she witnessed first-hand when she visited Palu in…

SCORE Marathon 2019 | Malaysia

Driven by their unyielding mission to inspire a healthier lifestyle for all, SCORE returns to shake up the local running event landscape with their annual signature running event. Now that the event is half a decade old, Malaysia's biggest one stop sports and fitness event organiser is taking off its training wheels and debuting their first ever full length marathon.

This year's theme is none other than "#ConquerTogether", a nod to the runners who've grown together alongside the event since its inception. It also taps into the very essence of a runner's identity that's indistinguishable from their shared sense of community and belonging. Much like its predecessor, SCORE Marathon 2019 comprises two parts : Run The Night ( 5KM, 10KM, 21KM, and 42KM routes available) and Run The Day ( 5KM, 10KM,  and 21KMroutes available).
"SCORE Marathon 2019 represents the culmination of our passion, blood, sweat and tears for the last five years, Quips Patricia, SCO…

Petron Opens First Official Online Store On Shopee To Enhance Customers’ Shopping Experience

Petron Opens First Official Online Store On Shopee To Enhance Customers’ Shopping Experience
Petron engine oils are now available online via the leading e-commerce platform Shopee, which has over 16 million users in Malaysia. This marks the launch of Petron Malaysia’s first official online store as part of its commitment to further enhance customer experience by providing wider and more convenient access to its products.
“We are constantly looking for ways to delight our customers and improve their experience with us. Petron customers can now have a seamless shopping experience right at their fingertips – just simply browse, click online to buy Petron engine oils, and have the products delivered right at their doorstep,” said Choong Kum Choy, Head of Retail and Commercial Business for Petron Malaysia.

“Online shopping is growing more and more popular among consumers. In this case, they can be assured of the authenticity of Petron engine oils in the Petron store on Shopee as the produc…

Karcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner | Review | Malaysia |

As you seen last week about the KÄRCHER Challenge: Make Impossible Cleaning Possible, I participated in KÄRCHER Challenge and get to experience their products. Now I've put the KÄRCHER FC5 through its paces and want to share my experiences with you.
The Kärcher FC 5 combines 2 cleaning processes in one. It wipes and soaks, thanks to the routinely routed microfiber rollers supplying itself with clean water and detergent.
First I would like to go into the handling. Basically, the operation reminds me strongly of a vacuum cleaner. The rotating rollers make it easy to move A rotate on the foot gives the FC5 a great verb, You get better in corners and a little deeper under sofas or closets.
It has a two-tank cleaning system, one for dirty water with an automatic stopping mechanism in place for avoiding the overflow of dirty water back onto your clean floors, and one for clean water.
The dual tank system assures that the clean and dirty water never get mixed together and therefore adds…

Chivas XV ETM Immerxia 3D Signature Party at Fuze Club Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia


KÄRCHER Challenge: Make Impossible Cleaning Possible

Have you heard about KÄRCHER?
If you are a hardworking and concern about house cleanliness you should know about KÄRCHER. KÄRCHER is Malaysian Favourite house tools that offers you worth of money good helper. Is the perfect time to own any of the KÄRCHER product Since GST% is wave for all Malaysian, Great news makes Everyone happy. Register and become a part of the "KÄRCHER CHALLENGE: Make Impossible Cleaning Possible" contest. NOW!! NOW!! NOW!! 

I have to SHOUT IT LOUD to all my reader out there that KÄRCHER Malaysia giving out their product worth of RM60,000 and 1,000 MOVIE TICKETS up for grabs!. Don't gets confuse between KÄRCHER CHALLENGE and MINI KÄRCHER CHALLENGE, Let me tells you the different. KÄRCHER CHALLENGE is for those who purchase of any Kärcher’s product for qualification entry and MINI KÄRCHER CHALLENGE is for those not purchasing any KÄRCHER product. Since if you looking a long lasting house cleaning tools, Why not get one and participate KÄRCH…

Yoodo PUBG MOBILE Add-on Launch @ PMNC Finals

This game-changing announcement was made during the opening ceremony of the grand finals of Malaysia’s First Official PUBG MOBILE National Championship (PMNC). PMNC is organised by PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games with Yoodo as the Official Digital Telco of the tournament.

The tournament spanned one month, with four qualifiers across Malaysia – in Johor, Sabah, Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur, featuring 256 teams or over 1,000 players with RM60,000 up for grabs. The historic event culminated at Sunway Velocity amidst a huge crowd with a spectacular win for team Gank.FTY who walked away with a RM20,000 cash prize and free 1-year mobile plans from Yoodo.
As part of the festivities for the PMNC grand finals popular influencers and other streamers were also called in for an exciting show match with notable participants including Luqman Podolski, AdibAlexx, Christina Xiao Ting, Liyee and The Face Gaming team (Chii, Revoluzion, Han10k and Rascal).
Commenting on the announcement, Chow Tuck Mun, …