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Now In Season , Malaysia

Petaling Jaya , 21st May 2017 - It is important to know what is in season when heading to the fruit and grocers . Knowing what is going to be best eaten in Autumn , Winter , Summer and Spring makes a huge impact on the environment , Keep it bookmarked when you hit the shops . Most fruits and vegetables grow in the season in which they are best for your body and eating seasonally brings great variety to your diet . You'll have a deeper appreciation for the uniqueness of each season and for the range of tastes , colours and textures . You will notice that specific organic produce is generally only available when it is in season. This is because if organic farmers try to grow ‘out of season’ they can come up against issues such as pests and disease. It is also important that when you buy organic produce it is as fresh as possible . If you do buy conventional produce grown out of season, it may have been grown in artificial environments or have been subjected to pesticides.