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Laco Augsburg Oliv 39 and Aachen Oliv 39 Pilot Duo With A Military Look

 German timepiece brand Laco presents second Limited Edition in olive green KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, Feb 2022. To kick off the model year, Red Army Watches Malaysia aims to bring in the German timepiece brand Laco two new pilot watches in a trendy military look. The two limited editions "Augsburg Oliv 39" and "Aachen Oliv 39" are each limited to 250 pieces and present the classic typography of the famous observation watches with their dials in a refined shade. The authentic vintage charm is underlined by the bronze-colored case and the retro-look strap. For over 100 years, pilot watches have been flying high. As one of the most successful watch types ever, it owes its great popularity to the unmistakable design and functionality it demonstrates in all its elements. The characteristic instrument look of the dial is not a design gimmick, but results from its history as a technical tool in the cockpit, which was used for positioning and navigation as well as for many fl

TopzMall Together Celebrating Women’s Day

TopzMall 2022 CNY Goods Campaign Exceeded More Than RM 2.2Million  TopzMall provide FREE Product Listing, Training Courses and Marketing Support Our Well known Famous Malaysian Singer Jerly Lee Pei Ling was appointed as Topzmall 2022 CNY Goods Campaign Ambassador by exceeding the sales with more than RM2.2 Million during CNY Goods Campaign, Great achievement been made on the Topzmall platform in this short period. Among this period, Malaysia CNY product are well promoted with the help of TopzMall 2022 CNY Goods Campaign Ambassador, Jeryl Lee. At the same time, the CNY Goods sold very well to across overseas Buyer and successful recommended Malaysian cultural products to worldwide. For better improvement, variety of sales strategies and training, including sales trainings and promotional videos with product highlights and how to fully present the USP of the products. This training programmes are specially created for every merchant who joined TopzMall. and also Word-of-mouth are works t

Be Bold Grab A Tiger By the Tail With SEVENFRIDAY limited to 500 pieces each in either Green (T3/04) or Red (T3/05) to celebrate the year of the Tiger

First Sevenfriday Watch with NFT Certificate & Collectibles.   KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, Feb 2022. If you’re fast enough that is. You see this latest  offering from SEVENFRIDAY is an OFF series, limited to 500 pieces each in either Green  (T3/04) or Red (T3/05) to celebrate the year of the Tiger. Now, pay attention! Because this particular series comes with some pretty ground-breaking firsts for SEVENFRIDAY, exciting new offerings that will enhance your SevenFriday ownership like never before! For the very first time, we’re taking our NFC authentication a Tiger leap further! Now when you register your T-Tiger in our proprietary APP, SEVENFRIDAY will offer you your very own NFT, a digital certificate, authenticated by a blockchain contract, attesting to your ownership of a genuine SEVENFRIDAY product! But that’s not all – For a limited period, you can also elect to receive an NFT collectible, a unique digital image, with which you can start your digital journey, by using it as your pr