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Calpis Fibre - Up Event , Malaysia

Fibre it up with calpis Fibre range that encourages healthier lifestyle through its uplifting campaign Calpis ambassadors , Harith Islander  , Zizan Razak and Siti Nordiana took flight , lifted by helium balloons representing how light and healthy one feels by consuming Calpis FibreMalaysians watched in awe as they experienced the joy and thrill of seeing their favourite icon soar skywards Kuala Lumpur , 21 January -Calpis , Japan's first cultured milk drink continued to excite it's fans and consumer . The brand pulled another unprecedented fun filled campaign that aimed to advocate a healthier lifestyle through maintaining a good and healthy digestive system . For the first time ever, the campaign involed Iconic Malaysia Celebrities and Calpis ambassadors such as Harith Iskander (Laugh Factory Funniest Person in the World 2016) , Zizan Razak (Actor and comedian) and Siti Nordiana (Singer) being lifted in Mid air with helium balloons at eCurve Mutiara Damansara , majing it the …

Arjuna Kaseh & Marini Naturalemagic

SUPER POWER COFFEE ARJUNA KASEH .. other than the others ... let's solve your sexual problems by simply drink KOPI ARJUNA KASEH .The combined results of the Guarana Extract , Tongkat Ali and Collagen were born ARJUNA KASEH that could help men overcome the Fatigue and Lack of Energy problem . At the same time can help overcome skin-related problems including facial skin . Did you know ARJUNA KASEH coffee is the first Super POWER drink from the rest and it will not found anywhere because the ingredients contained in this drink are very special , very nutritious and very good for the who absolutely need unlimited energy in all day .

Why are men required to drink coffee?
One of the reasons is Coffee Drinks can make sperm "swim" faster and able to increase the level of male fertility . Coffee also will increase sperm motility which ultimately increases the potential for pregnancy for couple . Coffee is also used as a tonic of strength energy . Therefore , the main ingredient…

Carlsberg wishes you Probably The Most Victorious Year Celebration 2018 , Malaysia

Petaling Jaya, 19th January 2018 – Carlsberg Malaysia ushers in this Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration with “Probably The Most Victorious Year” campaign, inspired by the Chinese saying Qí Kāi Dé Shèng (齊開得勝) symbolising the brewer “flagging off to successful ventures” or “together, we succeed” with the Malaysian Chinese community .
At the launch ceremony festooned with auspicious red and festive green at the 1Utama Shopping Centre today, Probably The Best Beer in the World – Carlsberg and Probably the Smoothest Beer in the World – Carlsberg Smooth Draught greeted over 350 guests and hundreds of shoppers “Probably The Most Victorious Year’” this CNY. The campaign was brought to life by a magnificent stage set-up, a riveting lion dance with acrobatic pole jumping, martial art performance, a 24-season drum paired with a 8-foot giant drum performance, as well as sumptuous authentic Chinese fare and delicacies .
The brewer also celebrated the record-breaking of half a billion (or RM500,0…

Copyright is important for Your Product - MyIPO Malaysia

As before I had introduce the important of Trade Mark , Copyright , Geographical Indication and also patent that can protect your intellectual property at MyIPOGovernment body in Malaysia . If you still haven't know about MyIPO , kindly go through the article That I Wrote about MyIPO last month . You will find how the whole Intellectual protects system gonna works , Your product , Your design and all about your hard work need to be protect indeed been stole .
Today , We get to learn Definition Of Copyright . This subject is just a part of MyIPO and there still was few more subject beside than Copyright . Copyright is the exclusive right to control creative works created by the author , copyright owner and performer for a specific period governed under the Copyright Act 1987 . Works that important to those Eligible for Copyright , literary works , musical works , artistic works , films , sound recordings , broadcasts and derivative works .
Duration Of Copyright  1. Literary, Musica…

Downsizing [Movie Review]

Downsizing is a 2017 American science fiction comedy-drama film directed by Alexander Payne, written by Payne and Jim Taylor and starring Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau, and Kristen Wiig. It tells the story of a couple who decide to undertake a newly-invented procedure to shrink their bodies so they can start a new life in an experimental community. When the wife refuses the procedure at the last minute, the husband has to reassess his life and choices after befriending an impoverished activist. Principal photography on the film began in Ontario, Canada, on April 1, 2016 .
In the near future, Paul and Audrey Safranek are a married couple in Omaha with financial issues. At a high-school reunion, they encounter Dave and Carol Johnson who have "downsized," an irreversible process invented 15 years earlier that involves shrinking humans to a height of five inches. While the inventors advocate that downsizing is environmentally friendly through the reduction of waste, Da…

Tmall World (天猫海外) Chinese New Year Dinner , Malaysia

ALIBABA’S TMALL WORLD TO BRING 1000 CONSUMERS AND CHILDREN FROM CHARITY HOMES TOGETHER FOR ITS CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION IN MALAYSIA Tmall World to host a ‘Tmall World Chinese New Year Dinner’ event featuring internationally renowned artist, Michael Wong (GuangLiang [光良]) and 1000 invited Malaysian guests.Children from five (5) charity homes in the Klang Valley will also receive contributions from Tmall World this year.Promotions and special discounts in conjunction with Chinese New Year will run from 24th -28th January 2018 for Malaysians.
KUALA LUMPUR, 17th JANUARY 2018– Alibaba Group's Tmall World (天猫海外), serving over 100 million overseas Chinese and beyond, has announced its Chinese New Year initiatives here in Malaysia which aims to give back to the society, a value deeply embedded in Alibaba's culture, and to appreciate the support of its Malaysian consumers as they prepare to celebrate the most important festival on the Chinese calendar .  The celebrations will see T…

Julie's Love Letters : Express your Love with Julie’s

Julie's Love Letters Spread Your Joy; Share Your Love Turn your love into words this Chinese New Year and share it out with Julie’s to the people you care . Chinese New Year just around the corner , Julie's made up an campaign by writing down our most sincere messages to loved ones . With the “Spread Your Joy and Share Your Love” , Julie’s encourages everyone to send their warmest regards to the people they care about and fill the air with love and warmth this festive season . During Every Spring Festival , everyone will buy biscuits or soft drinks  to welcome friends and relatives to their warm welcoming house during the Chinese new Year festival , And Julie's Love Letters must a have biscuits all the time since it's was Malaysian favorite for decade .  Julie’s launched the “What’s Your Love Letter?” 2018 Chinese New Year campaign at Sunway Velocity Mall yesterday with Julie’s Malaysia Senior National Sales Manager Mr. Dennis Swee Jing Wei said " Julie's are co…