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Yoodo PUBG MOBILE Add-on Launch @ PMNC Finals

This game-changing announcement was made during the opening ceremony of the grand finals of Malaysia’s First Official PUBG MOBILE National Championship (PMNC). PMNC is organised by PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games with Yoodo as the Official Digital Telco of the tournament. The tournament spanned one month, with four qualifiers across Malaysia – in Johor, Sabah, Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur, featuring 256 teams or over 1,000 players with RM60,000 up for grabs. The historic event culminated at Sunway Velocity amidst a huge crowd with a spectacular win for team Gank.FTY who walked away with a RM20,000 cash prize and free 1-year mobile plans from Yoodo. Team Meet Me At Bootcamp discussing strategies and gearing up before the show match begins. [From Left] Chii from The Face Gaming, Liyee, Han10k from The Face Gaming and AdibAlexx Team Sang Saka Pochinki excited to kick off the show match [From left] Luqman Podolski, Christina Xiao Ting as well as Revoluzion and Rascal from The Fac

The Best Reunion Ever With Sunway Lagoon

Reunion is often associated with Chinese New Year, but as we go about with our busy lives, we find every reason to get together with families and friends. For those who are planning for a memorable and unique celebration, Asia’s premier theme park, Sunway Lagoon promises the Best Reunion Ever from 1st – 19th February this year! This long holidays and with the anticipated travelling outstation, we would like families, friends and all Malaysians to SKIP the JAM, Stay in the City and Celebrate with us at Sunway Lagoon. We have it all! From 5th to 8th February, guests will be greeted with the uniquely contemporary Hip Hop Lion Dance performance by Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Association. This award-winning lion dance troupe from Kuala Lumpur has successfully gained plentiful championship titles over the years and recently won their newest championship title in the Southern Lion Dance International Championship held in China last year. Aside to that, visitors can expect a myriad o

Sensi and Perio Toothpaste By Lacer

Looking to brighten up your smile? The answer could be a new toothpaste. Tangible benefits can include whiter teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath or reduced sensitivity. There’s a huge range to choose from though, and a wide spread of prices. To find out which brands are worth paying for and why certain pastes suit different requirements better than others. Is it time to switch your daily toothpaste to Lacer Product. You’d think that the dental care industry was a hotbed of innovation, with different toothpastes promising to protect against specific conditions, or claiming cleaning power that other pastes can’t match. Before choosing your toothpaste, you should think about what your oral needs are. If you suffer from gum sensitivity, choose a low alcohol formula. if you need an intense cleaning of the enamel, rely on toothpaste with anti-plaque action. if, on the contrary, what you are looking for is a pleasant texture in the mouth, the toothpastes in gel texture are what you we

Maz Optometrist, The Best Eye Consultants In Town.

During the evening, I have Visited Maz Optometrist with full facilities and conveniently located in Taman Lembah Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. A place for Eye Consultants that you can trust, Because your eyesight is critically important. Maz Optometrist is a modern eye center, equipped with some of the latest in ocular diagnostics and treatment. with the aim of providing the latest and best in eye care and avoid disease management. Their Comprehensive Eye Care Services, is backed by a team of reputable, sub-specialty trained Optometrist to ensure that I receive comprehensive and quality patient care. At Maz Optometrist, They will examine and gave advice on eye power for spectacles and contact lenses. In addition, The Optometrists are also trained to recognize eye diseases such as Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and etc. In specialty lenses such as transitions and color tinting as well, With the latest machines and instruments they can measure the shape of your eyeball fo

KitKat Malaysia Revealed RUBY, the 4th Chocolate in the World

Naturally Pink Ruby Chocolate Makes Southeast Asia Debut, Unveiled at New KITKAT Chocolatory Store. KITKAT fans and chocolate lovers can now indulge in an all new treat with the arrival of KITKAT Ruby in Malaysia, which was unveiled as the brand's newest chocolate variant at the KITKAT Chocolatory in Mid Valley. Featuring the iconic four finger wafer bar, KITKAT Ruby is sure to stand out with the distinctive pink hue of its premium Ruby Chocolate. As the world's first new chocolate variant to be created in 80 years following dark, milk and white chocolate, the Ruby chocolate was developed completely without flavouring, colouring additives or genetic modification. KITKAT was the first to use the Ruby chocolate sensation worldwide, which was made by Swiss chocolate and cocoa processor Barry Callebaut from specially selected Ruby cocoa beans found in major cocoa growing regions including the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. Mr. Sachin Goel, Business Executive Off