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VR Lab - SS2 , Malaysia

  As we know VR ( Virtual Reality ) was quite sometimes that appear in global when I watch it from Youtube or any social media platform by famous games like Roller coaster rides or Suicide jumping from High-Rise Building drop till ground Zero . From the realistic visual that show makes everyone in screaming and Shouting , especially the ladies in Horror game .... Haha .... In Malaysia Gadget Market , there was few Smartphone VR Headset brand selling everywhere and designed to support a smartphone, rather than needing a connection to a PC or console .  with the handsets neatly sliding into the tray at the front . Internally there are lenses to split the display between your eyes and with this translates into slick visuals . The Smartphone VR Headset is totally a very big different reality graphic experience than HTC Vive that Available at VR Lab malaysia. HTC Vive HTC Vive is a full system VR experience that requires a powerful PC to run . It is different from other VR systems because i

Printcious Product Review

  I have just received my own designed Polymer Mug that I personalized custom made from  Print cious  and comes with good sealed packaging , The print out was fully detail and perfectly fit the mug , Click here to see my  Previous post  for the customized been made , it was the same as what I done it at  Print cious . com  . The quality was good and the colours that printed was even better than the sample while I customize . The Polymer Mug can print any of your favourite photo on it . Big or small photo will do , No worries . Printcious do have their own design to choose if you out of idea what to Get , the design for selection can be use and add some of your words or any thing that you like...  Among the wide selection of categories , I have choose Pin Button Badges Along too and totally happy with the  high Quality .  Beside of Mugs and Pin Button Badges  Print cious  can also print up to 200 gift items ranging from cushions , ceramic tiles , Mouse pad , Mini tees or Baby rompers fo


  --  NESCAFÉ , the famous name synonymous with cups of aromatic coffee , combines more than 75 years of coffee-making expertise with advanced technology to bring us to exceptional coffee experience with its latest NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Barista Machine . With a selection of 5 café-style coffees available at the touch of a button , we can easily be the role of a barista at home or office . --  NESCAFÉ , nama sinonim terkenal dengan cawan kopi yang beraromatik , menggabungkan lebih daripada 75 tahun dalam kepakaran membuat kopi dengan membawa kita kepada teknologi canggih untuk pengalaman kopi yang luar biasa dengan Mesin NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Barista terbarunya . Dengan pilihan 5 jenis kopi dengan hanya satu sentuhan butang , kita boleh jadi peranan barista di rumah atau pejabat . --  NESCAFÉ , 著名了代名词芳香杯咖啡 , 融合了超过75年的咖啡技术专业去了先进知识 . 给我们带来非凡的咖啡体验到最新NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND咖啡机 . 只需一个按钮有五种选择 , 我们在家里或办公室也可以为一位咖啡师 . --  I gets five different coffees – Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Latte Macchiato and Cappu

Emerald Brilliant X Miss Chipao Malaysia

  --  Emerald Brilliant Cheongsam Boutique has a long history in Cheongsam making with more than 40 years of business experience since 1973 . It specialized in making exquisite oriental clothing , nightgowns , Chinese fashion , suits , elegant Malay fashion and all kind of Uniform .   Read more at here..... --  鑫碧旗袍精品店在旗袍生产历史从1973年以来也超过40年的经历 . 鑫碧是专业在东方服装 , 晚装 , 中国的时尚 , 西装 , 精美马来时尚和各种制服 .  更多详情....... --  Emerald Brilliant was collaborate with Miss Chipao Malaysia since 2011 and  Emerald Brilliant  is the main  wardrobe Sponsor For miss Chipao Malaysia , Emerald Brilliant provides beautiful tailored cheongsam to Miss chipao and knowns for its craftsmanship and giving full attention to detail . --  鑫碧旗袍从二〇一一年和马来西亚旗袍小姐合作 , 鑫碧旗袍是马来西亚旗袍小姐的主力赞助商 . 鑫碧提供了马来西亚旗袍小姐量身定制的精美旗袍并所周知他们的制作工艺和对细节的关注在现成的再量身定制的 .  --  Miss Chipao Malaysia 2016 will be collaborate with the Koong Woh Tong Ambassador Search 2016 and Koong Woh Tong Sponsorship for this year total prize of more than RM 50,000 . Event organize