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3 Malaysian Bartenders Win the Coveted Global Top 40, the highest number of winners amongst the ASEAN countries

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 June 2022: With over 500 entries across the globe, Hennessy has narrowed down their search for the world’s best sustainable cocktail. The world’s bestselling cognac has just announced the Global Top 40 winners in the #HennessyMyWay 2022 challenge. The cocktail challenge saw three Malaysians as among the Global Top 40 winning bartenders. The global challenge is Hennessy’s third installment of the competition which encourages bartenders to be inspired by Hennessy to push their creativity to the limit. This year calls on bartenders across the world to create their version of a sustainable cocktail using Hennessy. “Every year the standard of the talent pool in Malaysia seems to be raised even higher. We are incredibly lucky to have such exceptional bartenders that can bring out the versatility of Hennessy by creating unique pairings to suit every taste,” says Nausicaa Charrier, Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia & Singapore. Beacons of the Malaysian ba

What do petrol heads buy online?

Most of us are aware of the expansion that the local e-commerce landscape has been going through of late. For example, the number of Malaysian rural and community businesses participating as Shopee Marketplace sellers has increased 7.5-fold since January 2020 till March 2022. Meanwhile, more and more Malaysian shoppers are purchasing items online for products that they would usually look for in a physical shop.  This includes, among other things, car and motorcycle parts and accessories. So, what exactly do petrol heads mostly spend online? Here’s a glimpse into the top selling items from January 2022 till April 2022 on Auto Mall, a one-stop centre on Shopee for automotive products, knowledge, deals and more. Auto Mall product No. of units sold from Jan 2022 - Apr 2022 Car tissue box holder >79,000 Car and motor engine oil >69,000 Batteries >26,000 Motorcycle tyres >19,000 Motorcycles >900 Car tissue box holder - Sales recorded increased by over 3 times in April 2022 com

Fantastic Father’s Day Timepiece Gift Guide

Once a day every year comes a day that honours the unsung hero of our lives, who are our guide, our protector and more, helping us become who we are meant to be: our fathers. To com-memorate this memorable occasion, Red Army Watches is showcasing our curated Fantastic Father’s Day Timepiece Gift Guide where we share a selection of men’s watches across our col-lection of boutique watch brands, each with a unique style and themed for a special aspect of dad in our lives. Laco Bronze Series Dad, you helped me learn to love the classics There’s something to be said for the good old days whether it’s the lines of a vintage car or a vi-nyl record. For dads who helped us appreciate the classics, the LACO Bronze series will be a gift he will cherish for Father’s Day. This timepiece is driven by the multi-layered patina which forms on a bronze case during the first weeks and months and protects the material from corrosion. This patina gives each timepiece a touch of individuality and unique bea

#HennessyMyWay Presents 5 of the Top 10 Winning Bartenders and their winning Hennessy Sustainable Cocktail

Hennessy, the world’s best-selling cognac, reveals the winners  of the HennessyMyWay challenge. The third instalment in the annual series challenged  bartenders globally to create and submit their version of a sustainable cocktail using any Hennessy cognac. The versatile appeal of Hennessy’s range makes it ideal for creating any  cocktail and gives bartenders the flexibility to get expressive with their creations. “We are ecstatic to see the bartenders get creative and rise to the occasion given that this  year’s challenge of creating a sustainable cocktail is still a fairly new concept in this space. We  feel bartenders have also done an exceptional job in showcasing the many different ways  Hennessy can be enjoyed,” says Thomas Bouleuc, Managing Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo  Malaysia & Singapore. “With each passing year, we are more impressed with the amazing talent pool across Malaysia.  Every bartender has taken their own unique approach to the challenge which is why we are

LPPKN And Kotex Form Strategic Partnership To Execute Kit Seri Programme

LPPKN AND KOTEX FORM STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP TO EXECUTE KIT SERI PROGRAMME IN BID TO ADDRESS PERIOD POVERTY IN MALAYSIA Menstrual hygiene education will be delivered to 1,124 schools through the partnership Kuala Lumpur, 30 May 2022 – The National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) and Kotex today announced its partnership on the KIT SERI programme as a proactive measure in dealing with period poverty in Malaysia. The partnership will encompass two core components namely, menstrual hygiene education amongst teenage girls and the supply of sanitary pads to 130,000 girls from the B40 community that has been identified for the programme. Period poverty refers to the inadequate access to feminine hygiene products as well as lack of education on period management and menstrual waste management. According to Abdul Shukur Abdullah, Director General of National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN), “Period poverty is often simply referred to as the lack of access to femin