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Your Favourite Chocolate – Now with a New Berry Twist!

Cloud 9 introduces its new Fruit & Nut variant, a timeless combination of  satisfyingly rich chocolate, crunchy nuts and fruity tanginess with a new flavour twist. There is just something appealing about the combination of fruit and nut with chocolate, and now your all-time favourite chocolate treat is offering its version of this timeless recipe: the new Cloud 9 Fruit & Nut – an indulgent chocolate filled with nutty and rich inclusions for an explosion of flavours with one bite!  Think deliciously sweet raisins and tangy cranberries tossed in golden brown roasted peanuts and almonds, filled with luscious caramel, gooey soft nougat and Cloud 9’s signature rich chocolate that has captured the hearts of the nation over the years. It’s the perfect combination for Cloud 9, who has continuously offered a great eating experience with its wide variety of chocolate treats made from different ingredients from nuts to wafers, crispies and more. “We are proud to introduce to Ma

Quaker Smart Heart Challenge, A 30-Day Intervention Programme.

Like many other countries in South-East Asia, eating is a national pastime here in Malaysia. Most people are ignorant or apathetic about the nutritional value of the food they are consuming daily. The mission of the YJM-Quaker Smart Heart Challenge campaign is to educate and motivate fellow Malaysians to develop healthy eating habits and lead an active lifestyle towards reducing the risk of heart disease. Cholesterol is a fatty substance your liver makes. It’s also found in certain foods. Your body needs some cholesterol to function properly. But having too much of the bad type of cholesterol — high LDL cholesterol — puts you at risk for having a heart attack or stroke. Cholesterol in your bloodstream can build up in blood vessel walls, causing blockages that can lead to: reduced blood flow to the heart and increased risk for heart attacks decreased blood flow to the brain and increased risk for stroke. Fast foods, processed foods, all laden with extra salt and sugar, are delive