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The Official Launching of Aik Cheong Coffee “Black-Drip & Dip” Series with SIX NEW Variants of Drip Bag Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Brand Aik Cheong Coffee has launched 'BLACK' series range of products and newly appointed brand ambassador with national badminton player Tan Boon Heong. And also Malaysian fans get to watch a short Film Featuring Tan Boon Heong along with the local famous artist (aka The Nation’s Boyfriend), Ah Boy Danny Koo to perform Aik Cheong Coffee’s Chinese New Year Theme Song for Year 2021. The well known coffee brand Aik Cheong Coffee was established in malaysia in the year of 1955 two years before Malaya’s independence day, Begin along Temple Street in old Melaka Town for 65 years till today. Proud to say consistently providing high superior quality gourmet beans and coffee powder with the very best in aroma, body, and taste. Beside Black Coffee (Kopi-O), White Coffee, Milk Tea, Chocolate Malt Drink, Cereal Drinks etc, Today Aik Cheong Coffee launched the all new 'Black' series which four new variants of Drip coffee and two new variants Dip coffee. The famous name synon

ZStar Global, your one stop marketing agency

  During this MCO, RMCO, CMCO, CO and any CO, what is next? More and more business are effected during the Lockdown makes the owners having a hard time during the pandemic, and here I will introduce ZStar Global to help the business owner handles all your business online marketing strategy planning, content creations and advertising. help your business grow online with profits. If you been into a lot of courses by listening to great theories, strategies and Learning but wasn't bringing sales to your expectation. Why does that happen, Do you know what's happen during the advertising you promote? No more worries anymore with ZStar Global to Manage your Business with the sales proven results by tracking progress transparently, and the Flexible service fee that fit your needs. The accumulated practical experience of ZStar Global over the past five years is not just a matter of fact.  Planning management includes : We Plan . We Create . We Manage  * Video Production * Photo Shoot

Tronserve introduce the all new Visual Meeting APP and DIY Website For Malaysian

  The first digital technology and software company in Malaysia, Tronserve (M) Sdn Bhd introduced a DIY concept website (do it yourself) as well as the virtual meeting application, the first Link in Malaysia, today. The Interesting about the first DIY concept website in Malaysia is developed by locals on this Tronserve platform, it provides various attractive offers such as community building, job opportunities and study online. The Link also created a new phenomenon when its presence facilitates Malaysians to hold any meeting or interaction virtually when almost all over the world are now facing the Covid-19 pandemic until some are still work from home. According to Chief Marketing Officer, Arash Abdullah, the launch of this two platforms is seen as a new facility to provide opportunities to Malaysians to move forward into the Industrial Revolution of (IR 4.0) which is currently being discussed by various parties. "Like it or not, now or later, the time has come for us adapting i