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VR Lab - SS2 , Malaysia

  As we know VR ( Virtual Reality ) was quite sometimes that appear in global when I watch it from Youtube or any social media platform by famous games like Roller coaster rides or Suicide jumping from High-Rise Building drop till ground Zero . From the realistic visual that show makes everyone in screaming and Shouting , especially the ladies in Horror game .... Haha .... In Malaysia Gadget Market , there was few Smartphone VR Headset brand selling everywhere and designed to support a smartphone, rather than needing a connection to a PC or console .  with the handsets neatly sliding into the tray at the front . Internally there are lenses to split the display between your eyes and with this translates into slick visuals . The Smartphone VR Headset is totally a very big different reality graphic experience than HTC Vive that Available at VR Lab malaysia. HTC Vive HTC Vive is a full system VR experience that requires a powerful PC to run . It is different from other VR systems because i