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1st Deodorant + Perfume Body Spray For Men

Starting the day with great smell and staying fresh throughout the day is important for all men as they face the challenges and activities of the day with confidence. Therefore, using a perfume body spray to smell great and a deodorant body spray to stay fresh and combat body odour is a must for men. Using two products to keep them smelling great and fresh can be a challenge. Why? It is definitely not easy or actually impossible to find a perfume body spray which fragrance can blend well with the fragrance from a deodorant body spray which is meant to address body odour, vice versa. For some men they only use one product of deodorant spray, as using an Eau De Toilette to smell great is more expensive. Isn’t it great have all in one! Simple, Fast and Easy, that’s the mantra for men. Being a market leader in the men toiletries market, DASHING fully understands the needs of men and to provide an ultimate solution, launched the 1st ever DASHING DEO + PERFUME Body Spray! Just one prod

WeChat Pay MY Introduces the Smart Way to Start Ordering Food

WeChat Pay MY, one of the most popular mobile payment solutions, is spurring the digital payment age in Malaysia with yet another innovative solution, the first-of-its-kind ‘Smart Order’ service. The new digitized ordering is aimed at making hang-out sessions at favourite ‘mamak’ joints seamless and effortless. Since its introduction in Malaysia in 2018, WeChat Pay MY has been tirelessly working to provide Malaysians with an application that is strongly focused on user experience. With Malaysia being ranked fourth globally in mobile social penetration, WeChat Pay MY understands that introducing new solutions that link convenience, ease of use and a payment platform all in one place allows users to enjoy peace of mind and expediency in their daily routines. After showcasing a host of payment service solutions that integrate seamlessly into users’ lifestyles, WeChat Pay MY is now delivering on that promise by bringing the ‘Smart Oder’ service to life. Smart Order is a more practic

The New Bee In Town, Publika

Tucked away in its cosy corner in Publika, The Bee is re-inventing itself to bring brand new and unique experiences to the social scene. Having been a flagship venue for local, regional and international music acts, The Bee now boasts an even bigger floor space of 850 pax, international level sound systems paired with an adaptable megadeck stage, a new cutting-edge design and an all-round venue to ensure more music lovers get their fix of their favourite tunes. Previously dubbed as the place for indie music, the new Bee is expanding its music -verse to include an even wider range of genres. From pop to techno to punk rock, The Bee is set to be the best music institution in Kuala Lumpur. Not stopping at just the music, the bar has also taken on a life of its own. So, what constitutes a great bar? While some places emphasise on aesthetics, elegance and themes, the bar at The Bee is focusing on providing punters with a kick-ass drinks menu. On top of their range of alcohol infu

The Music Run by CIMB 2019

THE MUSIC RUN RETURNS TO KL SPORTS CITY THIS NOVEMBER  WITH CIMB AS PRESENTING PARTNER It is official - The Music Run will make its much anticipated return to Kuala Lumpur for the sixth consecutive year this November, with CIMB Group (“CIMB” or “the Group”) as its new Presenting Partner. The Music Run by CIMB will take place on 23 November 2019 at the National Stadium at KL Sports City. Dubbed ‘Asia’s fittest party’, The Music Run by CIMB connects urbanites with two of the world’s favourite pastimes – music and running. Combining these two elements, the event takes the form of a 5-kilometre (5K) and 10-kilometre (10K) running race with more than 100 speakers lining the entire Sound Track circuit, culminating in what is regarded as the world’s best finish line party. With a giant stage showcasing local bands, top DJs and the renowned Live The Beat show, this high-octane event provides a one-of-a-kind, safe, healthy and enjoyable experience for all participants. An important fac

Discover Kuala Lumpur With KL HO-HO And ERL

It is always a treat to be able to spend a day or two in a new country but if you're pressed for time, the Discover Kuala Lumpur package may present the perfect avenue to experience the capital city of Malaysia. The package is a collaboration between Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL) and KL Hop On-Hop Off. It includes a KLIA Ekspress Return Ticket and a round trip on the KL Hop On-Hop Off Off bus. Priced at RM for children between ages two and 12, and RM 140 for adults, it is the quickest way to experience the city for transiting passengers with at least eight hours of waiting time at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA & KLIA2). The package is also an ideal way for first time visitors to Kuala Lumpur to experience a flexible city tour at their own pace. Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia YB Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi launched Discover Kuala Lumpur today at Pusat Pelancong Malaysia (MaTiC). Noormah Mohd Noor, Chief Executive Officer of ERL noted, "KLIA Eks

Yoodo Connects You With The World, Makes Roaming Much More Convenient.

Now you can Roam like Home that available in 53 countries at a flat rate ranging from RM10 to RM20 for full 24 hours period depending on where we travel. Users are also able to purchase booster packs within their Roam like Home plan, which allows users to top up quota for data, voice or SMS instead of repurchasing the entire roaming plan. Roam Like Home plan offers this flexibility to users whilst also providing great value for money. As a frequent oversea traveller like me, I face the unstable internet connected abroad. With this Yoodo travelling plan, I believe it is the perfect solution for me where allowed me to focus on enjoying my holiday instead of worrying about exhausting on quota and spending too much on roaming. As we know, we really fed up roaming with the hidden overcharge bill when oversea. Telco service provider like Mxxxx, Dxxx and others are charging an unexpected bill amount after the trip, Is it fun?!!  With This Yoodo - Roam Like Home plan, I can co