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"2022 CNY Goods Campaign" With TopzMall

Not a strangers among Ecommerce Store online shopping platform , Topzmall is created to provide professional online shopping services that established in 2020 in Malaysia and caters to offers a variety of sales strategies and training, including sales trainings, promotional videos with product highlights and a call to action (CTA) towards international users on trending social media platform to motivate their buying desire. This training programmes are specially created for every merchant who joined TopzMall. With a strong sales performance Surpassing RM16 million year over year and with strong support from well known brands, Topzmall is determined to become one of the largest online shopping platforms in Asia. Topzmall Trying their best to provide excellence service while keep focusing  more on oversea demands. Topzmall would like to transport anything or everything to everyone that their serve. Nowadays not like those days, Technology makes life easier, service brings more comforts