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Start A Daily Healthy Lifestyle with GKB Suplement

Hi Guys, Whether you're spilling out of your medicine cabinet or filling your bathroom countertop, you’re not alone if you’re one of the millions in the world who take a vitamin or supplement each day. You may be trying to combat a vitamin deficiency or lower your risk of certain diseases or you may just feel proactive about your health after popping a supplement that promises to improve your health. Though many supplements are certainly beneficial to your health, evidence varies widely, and it’s important to know which can benefit your health. Whether in pill, powder or liquid form, the goal of dietary supplements is often the same: to supplement your diet to get enough nutrients and enhance health. They contain at least one dietary ingredient, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids or enzymes. Some of the most popular supplements come in a multivitamin which can help you avoid taking a dozen pills each day. When I came across to stock up my Supplements, I foun

【UEFA Champions League Fever Hits】Yippi Offers 27,900 Yipps Reward for Football Fans

Great News to all the Existing Yippi members, Due to UEFA Champions League leg 2 and round of 16 has Begun. Yippi would like to welcome Existing and New member to join this football frenzy giveaway by Prediction and win Yipps point, To those Existing Member please invite your families and friends to download Yippi app and win the prize together. To Celebrate this wonderful prize giveaway, I urge you all to download Yippi app and Begin to Predict your favourite team and win Yipps point. The UEFA Champion League "Predict & Win" will run simultaneously from 8th March to 10th June, 2023 and Fully hosted By Yippi. To be mention, The "Predict & Win" Campaign is free for all Yippi users. Do some homework, choose the winning team that you think will win the game and win Yipps reward points. Up to 27,900 vipps Point for grab, ask everyone to join the "Predict & Win" campaign at Yippi app and discuss among friends and families which team to pick as winni

Income Tax E-Filing To Begin From March 1 2023 with new Interface and Website

MyTax, The Gateway to Tax Information. Everything now at your fingertips, . LHDNM has improved the interface for e-BE (Year of Assessment 2020), which can be accessed using computers and smart devices. The change in interface is done to replace the m-Filing (m-BE) services. Resident Individuals who do not carry on businesses can submit their e-BE (Year of Assessment 2022) via MyTax. The e-Filing system will be opened from 1st March 2023 and the submission deadline for e-BE (YA 2022) is on the 30th April 2023. Page 1 : Update and key in the blank for Particulars of Individual, Make sure all the detail is correct and not confusing. Page 2 : Update and key in the blank for Other Particulars, Make sure all the detail is correct and not confusing. Your income tax refund will be done through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to your bank account. Kindly state the valid and correct and account number of your bank. Page 3 : key in the blank for Statutory Income and Tot