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LuLu Hypermarket opened 3rd outlet at Setia City Mall on 31st March 2021

Great news for Setia Alam neighbourhood and nearby shah alam residents, Lulu Hypermarket has officially opened their 3rd outlet to public today. For Benefit of the opening, Lulu Hypermarket having crazy promotion during 31st 2021 - 4th May 2021. Five day of Inagural offers, don't miss this out. See you there.  Today we held the grand opening of Lulu Hypermarket that located in Setia City Mall(new wing) ground floor, The crowd was so happening at here. The three floor hypermarket completed with Grocery, electronic, clothing and many more. You able to everything here for fashion and household. This photo above was third floor of Lulu hypermarket, everyone getting their Smart TV with a very crazy price. Every trolley was stack up with television, blender, microwave and many more. These are the hot item in Lulu Hypermarket and everyone getting and made a long que at the counter, Samsung 55" Rm1699, 65" Rm2949, Sony 65" Rm2999, Haier Rm2499, Phillips Rm1799, Phillips blen

St. Patrick’s Celebration with Guinness continues

KUALA LUMPUR, 24th March 2021: We have all missed some important celebrations in the past year. When the St. Patrick’s Month kicked off, Guinness fans jumped at the chance to share their missed occasions with the hashtag #31daysofstpatricks. Little did some lucky fans in the Klang Valley and Penang knew that they’d be able to make up to their missed occasions with the exclusive Guinness Celebration Kits!  Each occasion, be it birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, graduation ceremonies or even just gatherings with friends, were catered to with specially curated celebration kits in the spirit of St. Patrick’s celebration for 31 days. During this ongoing celebration, five fans are selected each day and rewarded with these kits that are prepared in collaboration with renowned vendors in the Klang Valley and Penang. Andrew Anel Anbalagan, a 21-year-old student from Selayang was devastated to miss his friend's bachelor party and wedding when it was postponed. Guinness sent him a burger s

Dapatkan Baju Melayu Plus Size yang menarik di Bob Rock Lovelilly

  Pada Mulanya Bob Rock Lovelilly hanya menawarkan baju design plus size yang menarik untuk outing dan bergaya, Pada tahun 2019 Bob Rock Lovelilly telah Memperkenal dan melancarkan baju melayu plus size yang terdapat di wardrobe mereka. Pada masa tu, Bob Rock Lovelilly hanya mempunyai empat warna untuk dipilih dan mengejutkan adalah Bob Rock Lovelilly  dapat sambutan yang hangat sehingga habis dijual dalam masa dua minggu Ramadhan.  Baju melayu Bob Rock Lovelilly adalah jenis Baju Melayu Cekak Musang. Istilah baju melayu cekak musang ini berhubung langsung dengan pola lingkaran leher baju,  tengkuk 'cekak' tinggi atau leher tegak. Pengertian 'cekak musang' merakamkan imej alami untuk leher baju yang bercekak tinggi berdiri melingkari leher. Terdapat beberapa rekaan butang di leher baju iaitu seperti butang tiga, butang empat mahupun butang lima. Kolar bukaan yang luas dan selesa untuk leher yang berisi macam Eddy,  Potongan bentuk A (Relax-Fit) dengan belahan tepi pada