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Ricoh Pentax Go , FRIM Kepong

  Ricoh & Pentax Organized 1st Outing in 2015 and the venue was at FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) , Kepong 22nd march 2015 , Event Tittle was given as " Ricoh & Pentax Go @ FRIM , Kepong .  Meet up point was set at picnic area in FRIM 7.30 A.M  . Smooth sunday morning without traffic jam and not much car on the road , it was my first time visit FRIM and i just realize there was a FRIM near Kepong . Because afraid of lack direction to FRIM , I need to wake up 1 hour early and get prepare . Reach around FRIM at 7.10a.m and get a breakfast at kopitiam nearby the FRIM entrance . While sitting at the kopitiam , I saw alot bikers that ride mountain bike and joggers that gather here preparing going into FRIM . RM5 per car and RM1 person entrance fee will be collected at the FRIM main entrance .  Ricoh & Pentax Organized bear our  entrance fee and all others fee that been charge by FRIM .  Charges From FRIM , Cars that driven In , Per Head charges , nature trekking