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Come and get together at Elegan Residensi, Taman Putra Perdana | Puchong

Come Together with your friend and family to have a fun filled day at Elegan Residensi, Taman Putra Perdana this coming 24th and 25th August 2019 from 10AM-5PM. On the same day, Everyone able to view their new TownHouse Concept Show room meanwhile do participate the Fun filled Activity with your kids and Don't forget to grab our fruit king of Malaysia DURIAN!!.. Beside of this activity, They're giving away some surprising package to all those attending on this coming 24th Saturday and 25th Sunday August 2019 Having a comfortable and a complete home with all amenities is everyone's dreams, In our daily life routine. home where the place to rest. The safety of family members is most important emphasized in the selection of a place of residence. So, to choose a place to stay, we need to choose a safe place adjacent to security services such as security controls. If you are looking for a balance between affordability and location, Elegan Residensi is the perfect solu

Experience Ultimate Refreshment With Tiger Crystal

Tiger launches a new brew, crystal cold filtered at -1°C for ultimate refreshment New Tiger Crystal available now across Malaysia Beer fans have a cool new brew to experience from today, with the official launch of new Tiger Crystal. Crystal cold filtered at -1°C to lock in the most desirable flavours and aromas, Tiger Crystal is ultra-refreshing, easy-to-drink, and less bitter than other beers – providing ultimate refreshment for drinkers looking for something different. The secret is the special ‘light-stable’ hops used in the brewing process, imparting a more rounded flavour and pale golden colour to the new brew. Combined with the crystal cold filtration, this results in an exceptionally refreshing, crisp and pure lager with a lower bitterness.  Housed in a beautiful colourless ‘flint’ bottle which shows off the clarity of Tiger Crystal, it is available for purchase from today in bars, clubs, coffeeshops, food courts, convenience stores, supermarkets, and everywhere else w

Gatsby introduced its latest Ultimate Lock variant in the Dressing Pomade

LOOK SLEEK AND BE TRANSFORMED WITHIN SECONDS  WITH GATSBY DRESSING POMADE Introducing the NEW Ultimate Lock Variant For The Ultimate  Great Gatsby Look Gatsby introduced its latest Ultimate Lock variant in the Dressing Pomade range which now carries a total of four variants that also includes Upper Hold, Classical Tight and Yuppie Mat – all of which offers men the sleek comb-back style Gatsby look. Gatsby, a brand by Mandom Corporation has been producing products for men’s grooming needs in Japan since 1978. Product categories ranges from body care, fragrances, face care, shaving, hair colour to hair styling. All of these products are to cater to men’s fashion sense and daily grooming. Mr Dexter Lee, President of Mandom Malaysia said the Gatsby event received great response from consumers due to its unique hair styling trend which caters to men. “Men today are more fashion conscious and hair styling plays a big part in how a man would look. With this event, our custo

Batik Series by Emerald Brilliant Cheongsam Boutique 鑫碧旗袍 | Malaysia

Emerald Brilliant Cheongsam Boutique has a long history in Cheongsam making with more than 40 years of business experience since 1973 . It specialized in making exquisite oriental clothing , night gowns , Chinese fashion , suits , elegant Malay fashion and all kind of Uniform. The Malaysian fashion maestro never fails to delight with the urban twists on the traditional cheongsam dress and the ones that stood out personally for those that come with a splash of batik. Marrying batik fabrics with the Chinese Cheongsam is genius as it results in a captivating blend of unique Eastern cultural flavors. Transforming the fashion game through lace, batik and jacquard together, Emerald Brilliant latest Chinese New Year collection could blend into Batik. provides beautiful tailored Batik cheongsam series knowns for its craftsmanship and giving full attention to detail. From ready to wear, tailor-made clothing, it can be seen on the hand made products produced. As we know or You just ge