Be a Smarter Car Insurance Consumer Like me.

I’ve been driving while holding a valid licence for more than 15 years.  You’reprobably an experienced driver with 40+ years of accident-free driving history and,like me is looking for a good insurance deal.

First, let’s get something obvious out of the way. Generally speaking, if you have along history of safe driving, then the insurance company/takaful provider is going to look at you more favourably than someone who has many claims.
- How important is to calculating car insurance rates? 
- How much of an effect does experience have on the cost of your car insurance?
Upon renewal of motor insurance, insurance companies/takaful providers generally reward No Claim DIscount (NCD) between 25% and 55% to drivers who have not made any motor claims.

I have more great news! Now we can customize motor insurance plans to fit what we need. More choices, products and fairer price.

By the way, do you also know you have the power to reduce your insurance rates?
Avoid Car Accidents to bring down your risk profile. Follow the speed limit at all times, observe traffic rules, don’t use your phone while driving. Phone is a BIG distraction with ¼ accidents happened when phones were being used. Tail gating while showing you are the fastest on the highway is a stupid move actually.

Above is about human’s attitude and so is this - Regular car maintenance might save your life too. Ensure your car is serviced as scheduled to reduce the risks of engine or parts failure that may cause you to lose control while driving

44,000 crashes happened due to poorly maintained vehicles. So please get a regular check-up. Don’t make excuses of NO TIME or LAZY, you will regret it when the LIFE of someone is gone due to ACCIDENTS

To know more  on how to get better insurance deals, visit PIAM or MTA website.


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