Alam Flora & Dhes Cyber Eco Hunt 2019 | Malaysia

Let's Treat Earth better with Alam Flora and DHES, You have to commit yourself to participating in this healthy event and Recently I participating Cyber Eco Hunt 2019. The purpose of the Event is not only to win prizes but also to provide knowledge on how the environmental manage to process implemented and respond to the Let's Treat Earth better Campaign. This is not the first year such a program has been held. Before this it was only with bloggers that involved but This time the entries are open to bloggers, influencers and even KOL to spread it out loud from 29 of us.
The vision and mission of Cyber Eco Hunt 2019 is to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. As a blogger, I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity by joining a program with full of  information. Many new things I learned during the program, especially on how to manage waste more efficiently and wisely so that the environment is well maintained.
Flag Off by YBhg. Dato’ Haji Mohd Zain bin Haji Hassan, Chief Executive Officer Alam Flora Sdn Bhd and Mr. Nazar bin Abdul Raof, Head of Company, DHES Sdn Bhd.

Seven Task And Five Checkpoint

Checkpoint 1 : Work & Safety (Task 1)
we are instructed to use floor polisher machine for floor cleaning work.
Checkpoint 1 : Life of Gardener (Task 2)
We are provided with tips on how to properly use a safety harness. In Alam Flora, all employees must use proper safety equipment when doing work. This is important for the safety of both workers and the public. Alam Flora also provides complete equipment to workers such as goggles, hats and gloves and provides complete training on safety features while at work.
Checkpoint 2 : River Of Life, Kuala Lumpur (Task 3)
"A Create Campaign" where each participant had to think a creative way to throw the rubbish in correct way to create awareness among Malaysians about the importance of dumping the right place.
Checkpoint 2 : Love Food Hate Waste & Say No to Straw (Task 4)
Continue we make our way to the Boutiqe Cafe at the Textile Museum near the River of Life for “Love Food, Hate Waste” to avoid wasting food and the “Bring Your Own Lunch Container” campaign as a way to effectively reduce food waste rates.
Checkpoint 3 : Used Cooking Oil & 3R on Wheels (Task 5)
We continue to Apartment Presint 9 Fasa 7, Putrajaya.  Our assignment here is requires to help selected housewives fry Karipap and After frying, we need to help them sell this used cooking oils at Alam Flora 3R on Wheels. We can sell this used cooking oil at RM1.10 per KG and redeem Petronas Mesra Card Point.
Checkpoint 4 : Alam Flora Buy Back Centre (Task 6)
We were at Alam Flora Buy Back Center for a assignment where we were divided into groups to find recycled items using Google Maps. The goods will then be separated into three categories cans, plastics and paper change to cash and redeem Petronas Mesra Card Point.
Checkpoint 5 : Integrated Recycling Facility (IRF)(Task 7)
This WAS our last assignment. We were taken to the Integrated Recycling Facility (IRF). where the garbage collected from our house goes, In IRF the collected waste is sorted by category and packed according to the size. All of these excluded waste will be purchased by the vendor for recycling.
After all the task was completed successfully, we were head to The Glass Suite Marina Putrajaya for a closing ceremony. Congratulations to all the winners and Thank you to Alam Flora and DHES for giving me the opportunity to participate in Cyber Eco Hunt 2019.
For the competition, it has achieved its goal and should continue in the future. Let's take care of the earth to make our lives more comfortable in the future. It was a wonderful experience for me to share throughout the program, I can share my knowledge with my readers and friends.


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