The Launching of Vitalicia SUPERMODEL Glow | Malaysia

The new revolution supplement Vitalicia Supermodel Glow is now launched in Malaysia, the founder is Aleeya 34, a supermodel that encourage men and women a better lifestyle. "Do you wanted to look like a supermodel, Be like a supermodel, Feel like a supermodel? Let's unleash the supermodel within with VITALICIA SUPERMODEL GLOW! , "Said Aleeya Zailan as Founder & Managing Director of Vitalicia Sdn Bhd.
Important info

-Vitalicia Supermodel Glow is a new revolutionary food supplement for women, uses only the best sources of herbs that have gone through various processes and efficacy tests. The natural formula of a combination of clinically nutritious ingredients is specially designed for inner and outer beauty.

-Vitalicia Supermodel Glow comes in the form of powder and the main ingredient is camu-camu, a fruit that taste sour.

-One package contain 71mg of Vitamin C efficacy over 75mg, recommended daily Vitamin C intake for women. Take a packet in the morning during breakfast and one on dinner.

-Alternatively, you can pour a pack of Vitalicia Supermodel Glow powder into 30ml of water or sprinkle it into smoothie juice, Fruit juice, wheat or protein drinks and salads.

-The supplement with natural formulations as well as effective for nutritional intake required by the body.

-Vitalicia Supermodel Glow uses natural ingredients to help tighten, soften and evenly your skin for a natural look.

Camu camu

-Camu Camu is a type of berry from the Amazon rainforest that contains 30 times the amount more of Vitamin C on average in an orange, as well as full of vitamins and minerals, including iron, niacin, potassium, beta-carotene, calcium and more. Eating camu in your daily diet helps protect your skin from UV rays, pimples, youthful juices, helps to slow down the aging process, brighten and reduce pigmentation, highlight skin tone.


-Astaxanthin - Have you ever seen a flamingo bird? They are not in pink always. But the astaxanthin found in their diet is able to give them a beautiful pink shown out. Astaxanthin is derived from algae and super-antioxidants that help to improve skin's moisture and tone. It reduces the effects of aging by protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Studies also show that it helps reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Pre-Probiotics Microbiology

-Pre-Probiotic Microbiology, Prebiogenic Microbiology & Probiotics improves bowel health for better immunity. It will also help reduce your appetite. When combined with regular exercise and calorie-controlled diet, Vitalicia Supermodel Glow is also able to reduce weight loss. Prebiotic is a diet that feeds good bacteria in your intestines. Probiotics are living microorganisms (bacteria) that enhance the health of your digestive system when used. Similarly, foods such as yogurt and kimchi.

Precautionary measures

-Although the safety of all ingredients in the formula is quite good, we still advise those who are pregnant and breastfeeding to consult by doctor before starting to take this supplement.
Trial Feedback:

-95% of consumers confirm a significant increase in the skin after taking it regularly for three weeks

-81% of users agree that Vitialicia helps with weight loss when combination with cardiovascular and hydration exercises.

-92% of consumers are feeling more energy throughout the day.

-78% of consumers in the long term are aware of the reduction of acne and skin clean in 14 days when using 2 sachets a day.
About Vitalicia Sdn Bhd

Vitalicia is a supplementary food brand founded by Aleeya Zailan. The brand aims to produce innovative and high-performance products for women who are competitive and care for inner and outer beauty

For more information, visit @aleeyazailan, and @avenys on Instagram & Facebook. @VitaliciaSupermodelGlow.
Why is the symbolism or example of a good shape becoming a benchmark for this product? Or taking this product because of you want to be a supermodel? Various questions start to play in mind. But Aleeya is a concrete and isolated reason why the supplements of Vitalicia Supermodel Glow choose the term 'supermodel' as a target for the product's effectiveness. "Supermodel does not have all sorts of sizes, not all thin supermodels or not all supermodels are fair skin. So I want to "educate" Malaysians to be more confident with themselves. Only with Vitalicia, will helps all women and men to "enhance" their skin for fair while increasing immunity and weight loss. "

"I believe in us as a human no matter man or woman, there is an idol that we want to follow. Not only in terms of careers, as well as in terms of beauty and personal appearance. Some people like to see artists or prominent figures in various fields as the best references to pursuit of ideals. "me either. If talk about favourite supermodel, I love Tyra Banks. I am a fan and often follow America's Next Top Model program. I saw that she has a lot of glimpses to woman who has no confidence and a lack of enthusiasm".
In fact, when I'm attending a fashion show, I have Inferiority when saw the body shape of the model in those bautifull dress. In mind, I would really like to get slim and beautiful like them. Then I come up with this Vitalicia Supermodel Glow supplements that are safe for use without any chemicals. "Aleeya said, she wants to educate the public in appreciation of not using chemical products.

Being a woman, a wife and also a mother of three makes Aleeya face a sudden rise in weight especially after childbirth. "I believe all pregnant women after having children will have the same problem as weight gain, the part that we really hard to avoid. "Before i drop my weight, the previous weight is 80 kilograms. Indeed, if I get pregnant, I will increase two to three kilograms. It's really depressing me. I am also a type who likes to cook and eat, so it is compulsory with this.
"But now my weight is 50 kilograms and Vitalicia Supermodel Glow becomes a savior. I have fallen in love with Vitalicia Supermodel Glow. I'm sure they are out there too, "she said. Vitalicia Supermodel Glow is actually inspired by my third child's name, Alicia Aleena is now 10 months old. "Vitalicia Supermodel Glow is the third product. It is inspired by Alicia's own name. Like before, my skin care product, Avenys was also inspired by the name of the eldest, Eva Natasha was nine years old. "My second son named Aaron Aziz seven years old also begin to ask about his name on a product to inspire his name. But he deserves a privilege if he does not have the name of his name, his name is same with the Malaysian actor Aaron Aziz, "my favourite all time actor.

With Sharing her beauty secrets, Aleeya said she practiced using Vitalicia Supermodel Glow serum over her face, at least twice a week. "Vitalicia Supermodel Glow has been developed for almost three years. The initial feedback is quite positive and encouraging with 95% of consumers with significant improvement in the skin series after consuming the Supermodel Glow regularly and consistently for three weeks.
"Our goal is to make your skin clean and shine without any makeup. The price is affordable and sold at RM89.00 for a box with 14 sachets lasting for two weeks. It is now available online at and through our authorized distributors nationwide. It is a perfect solution for those who want to improve their overall health.

"We expect Vitalicia to be well received by the Malaysian community, with early booking, we are confident that this product will hit the market, and we aim 120,000 boxes to be sold by the end of 2019. Those who want to order this product can send whatsapp at +6019500940, They are also looking for agents to continue expanding this brand.


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