Can You Believe, Siti Suriani Wedding is Sponsored with the amount of 500k

Congratulations to newlyweds Siti Suriani and her lifetime partner, wish a you happily ever after with such a grand wedding.

Guess what, the whole wedding is sponsored with up to RM500, 000.00. Yes, there are eight zero behind the five, RM500k!!. Sponsored from A to Z, are you that lucky??
⬛⬛⬛Sponsorsss as Below⬛⬛⬛
◾Pelamin and Hall decorations from Wedding by emma

◾Baju Pengantin dari Dlia Jane Bridal Collection

◾Grand Cake dari Mad About Cake

◾VIP Menu dari Rumpun Selera

◾Coffe Es-Cream dari Ana Zahra Beauty 

◾Jamu dari Seri Lady Empire Resources 

◾Tudung Bawal Bridesmaids dari Gallery Bawal

◾Kain Pasang Diamond dari Irahsukri

◾Telekung dari Pretty Aini

◾Make Up Set dari Zacthira Navillionniza

◾Scarft dari Scarft By Mehrun

◾Printed Box dari Art Creation Printing

◾Perfume from Luxe Essencia Resources

◾Honeymoon Pakej dari Arwana Resort

She initially just wanted to make a small and simple ceremony , but After She Written a status on his Facebook, She gets a lot Massages on Her Whatsapp from product founder to Fully Sponsored on her Happily ever after Wedding Ceremony. Nearly about 100 Products owner from various products are interested in sponsors of her wedding, Even new in business Products owner are also honored to sponsors the wedding ceremony.
Says Siti, unexpected the occasion that should be small and simple from the beginning can become extraordinary big now. This what she get after three years of Hard Working, She is a promoter and a host for that sells a wide range of cosmetics, health, fashion and food products. Siti was a honest and kind to people's with selling the products sincerely until she are well known and viral. Siti is very grateful to be sponsored from Marriage in Islam, Pre wedding, henna ceremony. wedding ceremony and honeymoon package.

Wish this newly wedding couple last until end of the world


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