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People have been raving about slimming tea and I have read a lot of positive results or reviews from drinking them, so I thought why not I give it a try and see the result myself. Seri Darass tea is actually is a slimming teas that you only get at  Seri Darass Official IG Or FB ( &
Seri Darass tea helps to regulate your digestive system and bowel movement by cleansing your tummy and flushing out any unwanted toxins. The special of this product is you won't poo like hell by having the "Dxxxx Sxxx" that I had before. With the experience before. I need to be around with toilet bowl all the time and Poo in Anytime, You can imagine if you're travelling or all day long driving. you can't control it!!

Secondly, This product is Cheap as RM9.90 only per packet for one week Usage and drop weight 2 - 3kg in a week. To cook this Traditional Slimming tea puree is really easy as 123 and I'm doing it Once a week, Follow the step by step below:
1. Wash and Rinse the ingredient in the packet.
2. 2 liters of water for boiling
3. Pour all the ingredients into a "boiling water"
4. Slow cook (Low Fire) For an hour.
5. Filter the ingredient to get the Puree.
6. Pour the Puree into a bottle and keep in Fridge.

Ready To Drink : Pour half a cup of puree, add hot water and served warm. Take three times a day before meal.
Before one day starting the Seri Darass "Saya nak Kurus" Challenge, My weight was 110kg naked.
After one month, I drop around 8kg.
Beautyshots Tea RM39.20, Baby flowers with 1000 benefits, there is a magical old Chinese tea leaf makes all the difference. It also contains babyrosebud which is high quality and is certainly rich with efficacy to get a beautiful skin. Beautyshots tea process the unwanted toxin which is the main cause of our skin problems, it also helps to relieve dandruff, repair wrinkled face of the skin due to long acne scars, skin stretching, brightening and nourishing the skin in short time.

Shake the Beautyshots tea container first so that all the ingredients are mixed together, Take one tablespoon of beautyshots tea and then soak the ingredients into a cup of hot water or 1Liter water bottle.
Whitening Powder RM15, The main ingredient is the selected organic hill rice. Processed through the traditional method of fine powder. Scrub to remove dead skin, make skin more fair, soften and refresh. Activates new skin cells, improves blood circulation on the face. Rich in minerals & nutritional, Rich with sun protectioning agent ferulic acid. Absorbs oil in the face and simultaneously the skin soft, bright and clean. Last but not least, removes skin problems within a week (*acne *freckles *scars *dull skin *gives youthful effects.

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