Kerepek Seller Achieves 80% Sales Uplift with Shopee Live

Kerepek Azaharfood Demonstrates the Power of Real-Time Engagement and Community Building 

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 April 2024 – Recognising the growing potential of live streaming, Kerepek Azharfood, a traditional kerepek seller, embraced Shopee Live in October 2023 and has since established a strong presence. Their innovative use of Shopee Live to connect with viewers and their dedication to using high-quality ingredients fueled their online success, resulting in a remarkable 80% increase in sales within 6 months. Today, Kerepek Azharfood thrives online, boasting a loyal following of more than 100,000 followers on Shopee, a testament to their successful digital adaptation.

Kerepek Azharfood Redefined Engagement with Captivating Shopee Live Content

Kerepek Azharfood saw the limitations of a brick-and-mortar store and actively turned to live streaming. This strategic shift allowed them to expand their reach and connect with a wider audience through engaging online experiences. Mohamad Syahme Bin Azhar, Marketing Manager of Kerepek Azharfood explained, "We embraced live streaming and turned it into a powerful tool for customer engagement. We offered viewers a captivating behind-the-scenes look at our operations, showcasing the meticulous care poured into every product, from kerepek-making to packing." This transparency instilled confidence in their brand's dedication to quality. 

Kerepek Azharfood redefined online engagement by prioritising uninterrupted, always-on live streams. The Kerepek Azharfood team hasn’t taken a single day off from Shopee Live, streaming every day since they joined. Some sessions even extend to a remarkable eight hours, fostering deeper connections within their community. During their recent Ramadan live streams in March 2024, they captivated a record-breaking audience of 43,000 viewers, translating into a sales surge exceeding 600 orders from one Shopee Live session alone. This represents a remarkable 6 times order uplift compared to their non-peak season livestreams, solidifying the effectiveness of their approach.
Built Loyal Following Through Quality and Customer Focus

Kerepek Azharfood's commitment to quality resonated with customers online, building a loyal following. They prioritised customer feedback through recipe refinement and taste tests by sending out food samples to their customer whenever there’s a request. Their innovative packaging solutions ensured their delicate kerepek arrived fresh, with a transparent full-refund policy for broken kerepek deliveries. Recognising diverse customer needs, they offered a variety of kerepek sizes, from single-serve packs to party-ready options, strengthening their position as a leading Shopee Live seller. Kerepok Tortilla Nachos 1KG, their best selling product since 2018, has over 43,800 packets sold and a solid 4.9-star product rating from over 19,600 happy customers. Another best-seller, Kacang Gajus, averaging 1,900 packets sold monthly since launch, translated to a total of 9,100 satisfied customers. 

Kerepek Azharfood's dedication to quality and genuine customer interaction fueled a powerful word-of-mouth effect from their satisfied customers to their networks. Syahme mentioned, "We've always believed in using only the finest ingredients and maintaining the authenticity of traditional recipes. But it's the connections we build with our customers that truly sets us apart. We are so thankful that our customers share feedback and reviews for our products. With our community, we have managed to achieve over 270,000 positive ratings for our kerepek products!" This organic praise from happy customers played a significant role in building Kerepek Azharfood's loyal following. 

Kerepek Azharfood's success story exemplified how a traditional business can thrive in the digital age with foresight, customer focus, and a willingness to adapt.  Syahme encouraged other sellers, stating, "Don't wait for the ideal moment to start Shopee Live. Shopee is here to support you every step of the way." He added, "Shopee's user-friendly platform makes live streaming incredibly easy – with just one product listing, you can be live streaming directly in the app. No complex setup required!"  Syahme further highlighted that beyond its ease of use, Shopee Live offers a range of interactive features to keep viewers engaged, including polls, lucky draws, live-exclusive vouchers and coins.  These elements, combined with real-time comment sections and livestream reminders, ensured a dynamic and interactive shopping experience for both sellers and viewers.


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