Dododots Champions Self-Love on Shopee Live

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 March 2024 - Everyday, Dododots empowers over 3,500[ Dododots conducts over seven Shopee Live sessions daily, with an average of 500 viewers per session.] Malaysians to embrace their imperfections and practice self-love through Shopee Live. Founded in November 2021, Dododots has designed over 20 series of unique cartoon pimple patches, encouraging individuals to turn their blemishes into a fashion statement.

Understanding the struggle with breakouts firsthand, Esther Erin, Founder of Dododots said, “As victims of blemish breakouts, we want to empower others through livestreams. A breakout shouldn't stop you from living your life. Because we understand how unwanted blemishes can affect our confidence, we want to be there for the community on bad skin days." That's why the brand focuses solely on pimple patches, staying true to their mission of helping others through innovative patch designs.

Recognising the power of Shopee Live, Dododots uses it to connect with a wider Malaysian audience in a fun and interactive way. During streams, the hosts playfully showcase their wide range of designs on the face, from flowers to cats, encouraging self-acceptance among viewers. This approach has led to a quadrupled increase in sales compared to regular days. They strategically use social media to build anticipation for live sessions and meticulously choose their hosts to ensure the brand is represented accurately. Today, Dododots expands its team from 2 to 15 loyal customers cum active hosts, continuing to share their love for cute pimple patches.

“Livestreaming requires effort,” Ethan Wong, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Dododots explains. “We can’t just go live and expect high viewerships. To build an audience, we promote our Shopee Live schedule on social media, encouraging followers to chat with us live, especially for new product launches. We've found that many viewers enjoy live sessions because it allows them to ask questions they might otherwise hesitate to do on social media due to shyness or reservations, especially for those with sensitive skin conditions who prefer not to leave a trace on their social accounts.” Dododots uses Shopee as their main platform as it allows customers to easily add items to their carts.

Of course, success is not easy. Ethan shares, "Standing out on Shopee Live is tough with so many Malaysian livestreamers. We've noticed certain hosts gaining popularity among our loyal customers. To leverage this, we now share their livestream schedules on our social media accounts, aiming to maximise engagement and foster stronger connections with our audience.This two-to-three hour window allows viewers to connect with us and others who share similar skin concerns. By prioritising relationship building over sales through sincere live engagements, we aim to create brand awareness throughout rural Malaysia."

The brand attributes their variety of designs to the community with customers constantly providing fresh ideas like, "I want flowers" or "butterflies on my face". Dododots then quickly brings these ideas to life while keeping in mind the design's copyright licensing. This constant flow of ideas allows them to keep innovating their product offerings.

As the brand continues to resonate with Malaysians, Dododots sold over 29,000 units of its best-selling Manja Cats series, featuring 16 cat motifs. To date, the store has accumulated over 38,000 followers on Shopee.


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