Larrie New Footwear Collection For the Lunar Dragon Chinese New Year

As we welcome the Lunar New Year, let's embrace the warmth of family ties. Cherish the laughter, savor the moments, and celebrate the bonds that make us whole. Discover Larrie Chinese New Year 2024 Footwear collection, designed to bring together in style for the upcoming Lunar New Year (Dragon Year). These Footwear are perfect for creating beautiful memories during this festive season. 

The Chinese New Year celebration is right around the corner, set to take place on 10 February 2024. And what better way to honour the occasion than dressing to impress? Get ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style and make a statement with your Footwear wardrobe choices. 

To make things easier, we have handpicked the finest collections from your favourite brands. we have got everything covered. So, whether you’re attending a formal dinner or a family gathering, you are sure to turn heads with these exquisite Footwear. Explore the selection range now!
The collection represents a delightful fusion of modernity, featuring a harmonious blend of vibrant colours and captivating patterns that elevate the celebration and embody the spirit of joy for both modern men and women. Larrie's designs seamlessly marry modern lifestyle with a palette of elegant colours, including black, brown, sand, nude, white, and pink.
This careful selection ensures that the collection caters to modern tastes while maintaining a connection to elegant style. To showcase the collection in all its glory, Larrie has chosen the iconic Chinatown as the backdrop for photoshoot and don't forget the new Larrie tote bag exclusive for CNY 2024, which contributes significantly to the style portrayed in the collection.
Larrie for Her
For modern women who value simplicity, comfort, elegance, confidence and a hint of girlish charm, Larrie presents a joyful colour scheme for CNY 2024. We have introduced the colour pink to complement various outfits, and in line with "For Her" collection, we also offer colours like nude and black to coordinate with the men's collection. The combination of pink shoes with red outfits establishes  a blocking colour theme for women who desire a touch of girlishness while projecting confidence.

The collection includes open-toe sandals and sneakers, offering versatile options that pair well with both denim and mini dresses. These stylish footwear choices not only provide comfort but also contribute to a modern and chic look. Larrie will certainly be the choice for modern women seeking a fresh style in this festive season.
Larrie for Him
Motivated by the year of the Wood Dragon, Larrie introduces styles "For Him" segment that combine casual elegance with wood-inspired colours such as brown, sand, black, and complemented by white. Striped patterns in dark brown and brown are ideal for modern men seeking both comfort and style. The collection also features updated two-tone and three-tone hues in sneakers, catering to the preferences of contemporary men who lead fast-paced lives. The wood colours provide versatile matching options for outfits, such as denim & khaki outfits.

The black & white collection complements the wood colours, providing a neutral yet sophisticated option for men. This collection offers a classic colour palette that effortlessly balances and exudes a masculine aesthetic when paired with suitable outfits. With the attractive colours in this collection, modern men will undoubtedly choose Larrie to style themselves in this CNY 2024.
This new collection is now available at all leading department stores nationwide. All prices start from RM49.00 to RM 179.00. For more product details and latest fashion tips, go to or log on to


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