INLAB Senz, The Home Cinema Projector 1080P Full HD and 4K Support

I missed the usual cinema big screen, and the sounds system inside the room, but after being on the lockdown for almost 2 years during the Pandemic, I think I used to it, I spent most of my time at home, even shopping and grocery online, and I feel like I don't need to have a reason to plan on heading out for a movie because, nowadays we already have an access with the streaming site, such as Netflix, Youtube Movie, Disney, etc. and a quality home entertainment is becoming more necessary instead of going outside, and at the same time you won’t need to spend a lot of money.

I Would to share that I have myself the trendy and affordable projector that offers quality features such as clarity, good cinematic surround sound, Emphasize the Dolby Audio certified sound system from the SENZ speakers, loud, clear, rich in all aspects. It is the INLAB Senz Home Cinema Projector. 

Technical Specifications:

i) Display:
• Imaging Technology - IPS 1LCD Panel
• Native Resolution - 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
• Max. Supported Resolution - up to 4K
• Brightness - 7000 LUX
• Contrast Ratio - 10,000:1
• Light - RGB LED 
• Projection Distance - 1.5 - 7M
• Screen Size - 50" to 170" 
• Focus - Manual
• Keystone - Vertical - 45 degree , Horizontal - 45 degree (Electronic)
• System - Android 9.0
• Projection Method - Front/Rear/Ceiling

ii) Input/Output:
• HDMI 2.0 - (2 Ports)
• USB 2.0 - (1 Port)  
• USB 5V - (1 Port)
• Audio Out (3.5mm Headphone Jack) - (1 Port)

iii) Hardware:
• Speaker - 5W Dolby Audio Certified Speakers
• Aspect Ratio - 4:3/16:9
• Power Input - < 150 Watt
• LED Lamp Life - 50,000 Hours (for normal daily usage of 20 hours/day, it can last for at least 5 years)

iv) Supported File:
• Picture File - BMP/JPG/PNG/GIF/BMP
• Text File - TXT
• Audio File - MP3/WMA/AAC
I am very impressed with the design, It looks premium and elegant. The minimal design and the size is perfect, very handy, and portable. The unit is perfect for my hall, the design is very modern and user-friendly. Overall, I really like how they designed the projector, it looks very trendy.

What attracts me the most about the INLAB Senz Projector is the price, quality, and design, where we can have a portable projector that can bring it anywhere and at the same time have a cinema vibes experience in the comfort of our home and also perfect for business presentation as well. The Audio and Video Quality is good and the user interface is easy to use.
Like I said above, it's easy to set up, upon turning on the projector you will see the App and you just have to log in to your google accounts and update the apps that you want to use, some of them are already installed, like YB, Netflix, etc.

I like that this INLAB Senz is perfect for a small and big room you can watch anywhere on any blank wall with the plug and play feature, easy to operate using the remote. Very bright without looking washed out, and adjustable to the best image performance.

Overall experience is amazing, since this is my first projector I am totally impressed with the INLAB Senz I highly suggested investing in this alternative home entertainment, school, and business presentation projector at an affordable price and good quality. 

Pricing and Availability
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