Fantastic Father’s Day Timepiece Gift Guide

Once a day every year comes a day that honours the unsung hero of our lives, who are our guide, our protector and more, helping us become who we are meant to be: our fathers. To com-memorate this memorable occasion, Red Army Watches is showcasing our curated Fantastic Father’s Day Timepiece Gift Guide where we share a selection of men’s watches across our col-lection of boutique watch brands, each with a unique style and themed for a special aspect of dad in our lives.

Dad, you helped me learn to love the classics There’s something to be said for the good old days whether it’s the lines of a vintage car or a vi-nyl record. For dads who helped us appreciate the classics, the LACO Bronze series will be a gift he will cherish for Father’s Day. This timepiece is driven by the multi-layered patina which forms on a bronze case during the first weeks and months and protects the material from corrosion. This patina gives each timepiece a touch of individuality and unique beauty.
Dad, you spread my wings and help me soar The ideal present for awesome dads who helped us spread our wings and soar, the Zeppelin At-lantic Power Reserve Ref: 8462-3 has a practical design blended with classic aesthetics that harken to watches made for the pioneers of early aviation. Combining a durable 316L hand fin-ished steel case with a high-clarity dial as well as the ability to indicate power reserve, this time-piece will make for an unforgettable present for dad.
Dad, you are my rockstar For dads who are the ultimate rockstar in your life, the M3/08 Chrome from Sevenfriday is the perfect gift! This stylish new timepiece features stainless steel components, a lightning engraved animation ring and a rocking five-layer dial done up in jet black, gunmetal and chrome worthy of any rockstar. Add in a leather jacket for dad and he’s ready to rock this joint in style!
Dad, you lift me up Our number one cheerleader and supporter, our fathers are the ones who lift us up when we need it most. The Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Classic embodies these qualities in every as-pect of its design, making it the perfect gift for dads. Simplicity can translate to perfection and magnificence. The Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Classic reminds us of Yuri Gagarin's monu-mental feats with its functional yet elegant outlook and underlying exquisite details. Accuracy is the name of the game but it does not mean that style is left behind!
Dad, you are my north star. Our fathers are a north star that helps to guide us through life, leading by example so that we can follow in their footsteps to be a better person. Like the north star, the Poljot International Arctis is a striking timepiece that is the perfect gift for our north star in life - our fathers. This beautifully crafted timepiece has large, clear triangular hands and hour markers complemented by a calf leather strap in your choice of four beautiful colourways with matching straps.

About Red Army Watches Sdn Bhd
Established in 2008, Red Army Watches offers a curated array of reasonably priced yet stylish and exquisitely crafted timepieces from renowned microbrands such as Sevenfriday, Poljot International, Sturmanskie, Zeppelin, Laco, Junkers, Iron Annie, March Lab, Orodeus, Hirsch, Choisi, the Electricianz, Boldr, TACS, REC, Gorilla, Azimuth and Alexander Shorokhoff. With a presence in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Red Army Watches is becoming a recognised household name among watch afi-cionados seeking that elusive combination of quality, design, performance and value in their timepieces. For more details, please visit


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