MF by GCDC Won Malaysia High Court Ruling Over Illegal Goods

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 NOVEMBER 2021 - In light to the recent incident where goods produced and labelled with Mike Frederiqo had been seized in Malaysia for illegal acts according to the Malaysia High Court, MF by GCDC has won its court case as their goods were accused wrongly for being pirated and infringed the trademark’s policies. 

Mr. Huang said “Brand or Label by Mike Frederiqo is trademarked and solely owned by Mr Huang, brand owner of MF by GCDC, who worked together with Mike Frederiqo for nearly six years from October 2013 to May 2019. I take a serious approach on any accusation, defamation & damage towards our brand and have then issued a statement in June this year to clarify on the issue.”

Mr. Huang has then invited many illustrators and designers to form a new MF design team and rename the brand MF by GCDC to avoid confusion. MF here stands for Made in Future to express the future of pop culture, seize the trend of the new era fashion trend and convey the spirit of creating a popular brand.
MF by GCDC, has evolved from a designer brand to a true lifestyle fashion brand with accessories and items showcasing a whole new attitude of life. MF by GCDC brings various artists across the communities together and builds a brand new platform aiming to spur up more inspirations and ideas with different creative ways globally.

To find out more about these creative lifestyle fashion items, feel free to visit .


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