Tronserve introduce the all new Visual Meeting APP and DIY Website For Malaysian


The first digital technology and software company in Malaysia, Tronserve (M) Sdn Bhd introduced a DIY concept website (do it yourself) as well as the virtual meeting application, the first Link in Malaysia, today. The Interesting about the first DIY concept website in Malaysia is developed by locals on this Tronserve platform, it provides various attractive offers such as community building, job opportunities and study online.

The Link also created a new phenomenon when its presence facilitates Malaysians to hold any meeting or interaction virtually when almost all over the world are now facing the Covid-19 pandemic until some are still work from home.

According to Chief Marketing Officer, Arash Abdullah, the launch of this two platforms is seen as a new facility to provide opportunities to Malaysians to move forward into the Industrial Revolution of (IR 4.0) which is currently being discussed by various parties.

"Like it or not, now or later, the time has come for us adapting in the face of waves of lifestyle changing and the way we work. Coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, the platform provided will help Malaysians to become more individuals advanced and skilled in IT.

“The DIY concept website that is offered also features some interesting branch is like creating a new community where it can attracting more corporate and individuals to join and grow ideas in one platform.

"Besides that, this website also provides job opportunities to help
companies and citizens who find each other and employees more easily and effective. Through this provided platform as well, the audience can gain knowledge when it provides space for teaching and students exchange lesson materials online.

"other suggestions created are like the E-Commerce platform to help SME run ‘offline’ businesses to ‘online’ as well as directories industry. enhancing SME image by facilitating customers potential to find company information.
“So this DIY concept website offered provides all the facilities
and access within a website to the community in addition to being more competitive in leading any task strategically, ”he said.

Arash added: “a virtual meeting platform developed for the people Malaysia is seen as the right time to use when most local companies ask their employees to work from home.“Links are also able to connect between employers and employees easily and fast. The link also guarantees the security of each individual data from spread, ”he said.
Meanwhile, seeing many individuals severely affected following the Covid19 pandemic until some were laid off, Tronserve also came forward to introduce ‘Referral Program’ which is to generate additional income and increase passive cash flow to companies and individuals.

This offer is given to Malaysians who have lost their jobs mainly due to the epidemic that hit this in addition to wanting to invite celebrities as well as art activists to participate in this program because it promises lucrative cash rewards.
The establishment of this DIY concept website also offers a price offer worth it to any new company, entrepreneur, or individual who would like to have an official website.

“This DIY website actually gives an opportunity to all individuals to create their own website in a unique and easy way. We believe DIY concept websites will be closer and more fun to each individual to shape their website into a field best to browse to promote whatever you want shared in addition to offering various interesting branches in one site web, ”he said.


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