The Official Launching of Aik Cheong Coffee “Black-Drip & Dip” Series with SIX NEW Variants of Drip Bag Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Brand Aik Cheong Coffee has launched 'BLACK' series range of products and newly appointed brand ambassador with national badminton player Tan Boon Heong. And also Malaysian fans get to watch a short Film Featuring Tan Boon Heong along with the local famous artist (aka The Nation’s Boyfriend), Ah Boy Danny Koo to perform Aik Cheong Coffee’s Chinese New Year Theme Song for Year 2021.

The well known coffee brand Aik Cheong Coffee was established in malaysia in the year of 1955 two years before Malaya’s independence day, Begin along Temple Street in old Melaka Town for 65 years till today. Proud to say consistently providing high superior quality gourmet beans and coffee powder with the very best in aroma, body, and taste. Beside Black Coffee (Kopi-O), White Coffee, Milk Tea, Chocolate Malt Drink, Cereal Drinks etc, Today Aik Cheong Coffee launched the all new 'Black' series which four new variants of Drip coffee and two new variants Dip coffee.
The famous name synonymous with cups of aromatic coffee , combines with 65 years of coffee-making expertise with advanced technology to bring us to exceptional coffee experience with its latest The Drip & Dip coffee series will have six brand new variants, which consist of Ethiopia Yirgracheffe, Colombia Medellin, Guatemala Huehuetenango, Nicaragua Jinotega, Cold Brew Ethiopia Yirgracheffe and Milk Brew Colombia & Brazil Santos. With a wide selection of coffees Drinks that we can easily be the role of a barista at home or office. The all six new variants can be purchased digitally via the online commerce platforms or premium supermarkets.
Experiencing authentic Malaysia with a hot cup of aromatic coffee along with a delightful nasi lemak or roti canai maybe, Soak in the heritage and diverse that is unique to this exotic hot coffee. Their products have gained more popularity in the market and successfully garnered the support from the loyal consumers as well as new customers.
This relieves your mind to enjoy your coffee while indulging in a time of uninterrupted bliss and reflection. Each product features a unique and significant characteristic, second to none.Enjoy the convenience of sipping freshly roasted coffee anywhere, and anytime without compromising on individual quality and characteristics. BLACK Drip series is here to satisfy your coffee bug.

Aik Cheong Coffee’s Official Social Media Platforms:
Instagram : aikcheong_official
IT’S more than just Facebook :
IT’S more than just Instagram : its_by_acc
Black Series Facebook :
Black Series Instagram : blackbyacc 

Can be Purchase at :

The collaboration of VITA MEDIA, AIKCHEONG, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS NATIONAL SHUTTLER AND POPULAR ARTIST to Promote the Trendy Cuppa Coffee & Beverages has officially begun!

VITA MEDIA’s first project is to connect 65 years’ Malaysian famous coffee brand「AIK CHEONG COFFEE」with Entertainment Industry. VITA MEDIA is working with the newly announced AIK CHEONG COFFEE’s brand ambassador, Mr Tan Boon Heong who is the renown national shuttler and multi-talented local artist, Mr Danny Koo to work on AIK CHEONG COFFEE’s 2021 Chinese New Year Theme Song!

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