Yoodo Community Meet-Up | Malaysia

Yoodo holds its Second Community Meet-Up Day, Yoodo Third Annual Maybe Monthly? Not Sure! YTAMMNSCMUD
#ytammnscmud #yoodocommunity

Malaysia’s truly customisable digital mobile service, Yoodo holds its second community day as the brand celebrate two anniversary since its launch. The community day was an opportunity to celebrate and thank their Yoodo strong support fans also known as Yoodoers for their tremendous support and engagement over the years. I attended the Yoodo Community Meet-Up Day which took place on the 7th December and It is held at MBO Cinema, Starling Mall with various activities.

Yoodo’s online community was formed when it was launched January last year. In comparison to other telcos, Yoodo believes they have the most thriving online community achieving close to 200,000 users visiting the platform and receiving two million community post views. As part of Yoodo’s Community Day, Yoodoers were treated to games, prizes from a lucky draw, exclusive announcements on what is going on for next year and lastly, a movie time with "JUMANJI"
Yoodo is Malaysia’s first fully customisable and 100% digital mobile service provider that gives users full control in customising their mobile plan to whatever suits their needs, with zero hidden charges or commitments. Yoodo offers users full customisability and flexibility in terms of selecting their voice minutes, SMS and data. Yoodo also offers exciting product offerings, features and add-ons that empowers users to live their desired lifestyles in gaming, travel, entertainment and more. Yoodo users are able to share feedback, ask questions, and participate in Yoodo initiatives through the online platform.
Since 2018, Yoodo has been bringing together its base group of supporters regularly to thank them for their support all year long. This year’s celebrations mark the 3rd Community Day Yoodo has hosted so far. Besides the inaugural celebration in 2018, Yoodo also treated the community to a unique music experience in July 2019, when Community Day coincided with the climax of Yoodo Presents, Malaysia’s first interactive online concert. Community Day is Yoodo’s way of appreciating its loyal community, as well as giving back to them with a day of celebrations and fun. Yoodo boasts an active community online with thousands of unique community visitors on its official community page and is always looking to reward its tight-knit community through its various initiatives.
This year, Yoodo rewarded its community by taking them out for a free movie screening. Apart from getting to meet their fellow community members, Yoodo users also enjoyed Community Day with a special screening of Jumanji: The Next Level.
This year, Yoodo also chose several of its SuperUsers to celebrate during Community Day! Yoodo’s SuperUsers are folks who have been most active on the community page, commenting and helping other users as well. In addition to being flown in and provided with hotel accommodation, they also received additional Yoodo credit and other prizes for their contribution to the Yoodo community.
This year’s SuperUsers are:

  • Hilmi, Klang
  • Hatifi, Damansara
  • Wong Yuen Sern, Kuala Lumpur
  • Aslam Denjay, Sandakan, Sabah
  • Beh Tong Yu, Penang
  • PP Foong, Kuala Lumpur, 
  • Wilson Wong, Perlis
  • Yazid, Melaka
  • afrul, Kuala Lumpur
  • Ariffin, Kuala Lumpur
  • Mohamad Syazwan, Terengganu


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