The Launching Of Internet Momentum by Najib Asaddok 2019

Nowadays many are interested in business but do not know how to get profit or which technique should be used or maybe we have money to developed a business but do not know about online marketing. Furthermore, consumer marketing and purchasing trends have changed in tandem with modern and the present era of technology. Nowadays more and more consumers getting infomation from the internet and this also affects the way they buy a product or service.

"with how important entrepreneurs are to keep up with the latest technology developments, especially in the aspect of more online marketing." Said by Najib Asaddok (CEO) - chief executive of Momentum Internet Sdn.Bhd
"An Online Marketing Specialist among local entrepreneurs, we are seeking 50,000 entrepreneurs to assist to understand online marketing business knowledge through a Talk of Rocket Momentum Marketing that with only RM1 fee per participant and To Build a business empire, we need to know and realize that marketing and strategy attracting a lot of customers are very important."Said by Najib Asaddo

With the success he has made it untill today is having over 38,000 entrepreneurs have been assisted by him from all over Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. He is a reference to entrepreneurs to spread their wings through online marketing.
"While Online marketing has been proven to help boost business growth, there are still a lot of entrepreneurs that have yet to apply online marketing for their business. With our Online Rocket Marketing Formula, Their marketing campaign will be more effective, their brand awareness will increase significantly, ans of course their sales will start to skycocket". 

Acoording to the latest report from Hootsuite, 24 Million Malaysian citizens are online every day. "This is a great opportunity that entrepreneurs should seize in their effort to introduce their product and service," said Najib in the press conference for lauching of Rocket Pemasaran Momentum 2019 : NAK TARIK PELANGAN'.

The main target groups are those who have already run a business; these are Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Founders, Sales Person, Stockist and agents. Focusing on Five main industries like Fashion, F&B, Health, Beauty and Services.

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