Shop at Jakel During this holly month of Hari Raya

The local fashion industry is growing and gaining high attention among local communities. It is common where everyone wants to look good in every style especially during the festive seasons. In addition to emphasizing quality and price of offerings also play an important role. Looking at the underdeveloped economic conditions, many customers out there are smarter and comfortable choosing a collection of affordable clothing but still maintaining exclusive elements.
Recently on the underdeveloped economic conditions, many of them are choosing on affordable clothing. With this kind of situation, Jakel's textile took the initiative to act as a "one stop" to facilitate customers to get multi-brand apparel under one roof. This is one of the concepts of shopping in Jakel that customers want to feel the sense of belonging when shopping with Jakel.
All product collections produced by Jakel emphasize the key elements of selecting high-quality fabrics, the appropriate color and the design details neatly to fit. The combination to highlight from personality to look stylish and fashionable latest up-to-date trends. Jakel Collection are suitable for all ages whether young or old. For those who have this collection from Jakel, it can create an aura of elegance for women and man.
Jakel hosted the first hari raya campaign for 2019 at Jakel Mall Kuala Lumpur, A chilling representation with the appearance of Ambassador including Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Scha Al Yahya, Awal Ashaari & Lara Alana (SchAwaLara) and Ayda Jebat. and Also including in this campaign are the popular families of Hanis Zalikha, Hairul Azreen & Yusuf Iskandar.
The Event was further enhanced when Jakel invited the asnaf Noble Personal Welfare Organization, Kajang and also the disabled person (OKU). here where they are celebrating together.In the name of humanity and concern, Jakel's corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also organized to help these people get new clothes for the celebration of Hari Raya. In fact, Jakel also do donations to the recipients. This effort is one of the ways the Jakel helps those in need.
The event was also attended by Datuk Hj Mohamed Faroz Bin Mohamed Jakel, Managing Director of Jakel Group. This event is a mandatory activity in the promotional calendar to market garment products between Ambassador Jakel and customers.Beside reaching out to OKU and asnaf, the event also be celebrated with a "Happy Hour" auction sale for a clothing collection where every Jakel Ambassador will promote and sell their garment collections at a price drop for Jakel customers.
For The first time ever, Jakel has launch online e commerce shopping platform. As requested by many Jakel customers, Jakel established an online e commerce shopping platform for customer to get fingerprinted on Jakel products. Since Jakel's customers are located throughout the country, it makes them hard to physically visit Jakel. So Jakel took this opportunity to create a online e commerce shopping platform that allowed Jakel customers to spend without boundaries. All Jakel products can now be purchased through the online sales page at
Collection Of Baju Raya
The Aaron Aziz Malay Bouquet is specially designed and tailor-made comfort. Aaron Aziz's collection of specialties is certainly different various of fabrics and colors.

Special of this year, Jakel revolutionized the Nabil Ahmad Baju Melayu collection with zip on the side of the shirt and on the wrist. Still maintaining a contemporary modern concept of slim-fit interstitial emphasis on neck and pockets.

In addition, for the fourth year in a row, Awal Ashaari baju raya maintained its sales in the market and enlivened the sales campaign this year and Ashaari's early collection focuses on the cutting, color and quality of the fabrics in style and confidence like Ashaari.

Being a member of this year, Jakel produces Hairul Azreen Baju Melayu collection. Collection of Hairul Azreen is further enhanced by the details of hand stitching on the collar.

Jakel also maintains the production of "plus size" baju melayu for those are large size. This helps those big guys get a collection of baju melayu and fashionable as usual.
The price of the baju melayu shirt collection is very affordable and more attractive, customers will be given a free piece of cloth along with a button for each purchase of a pair of Malay shirts. This is to make it easier for customers to get a complete set of baru raya shirts with a cloth and a shirt button under one roof of Jakel at one time.

Kurta Collection
On this year raya, Jakel still maintains the production of kurta collections. Jakel always satisfies customers' with current trends, This is because the kurta has its own distinctive privilege. The collection of kurta produced with high quality because it is of great importance to comfort when worn, It is also sewn using a quality cotton fabric in addition to having a neckround on the neck. The kurta is also equipped with pocket.

The kurta collection is also conceptual friendly where the arm can be easily folded. Each collection of kurta produced has varied design variations and there are more than dozens of colors for each design of the kurta.
Baju Kurung
This year Jakel still maintains the production of baju kurung collections of Scha Alyahya, Ayda Jebat and Hanis Zalikha. It fits into the latest trends for women, especially girls and women who want a cheerful, modern and Instagram friendly during the Raya season.

This collection of baju kurung is suitable for teenagers to adults. Every baju kurung for this year's is more modern with attractive color choices and latest printed pattern motifs. The selection of fabrics for each design is taken into concern to provide a long-lasting comfort to the wearer.

Kids Collection
Children's clothing is by Upin Ipin Collection. Every purchase of Upin Ipin baju melayu clothes is also given free of cloth and baju melayu buttons. Jakel also gives the child a privilege to not miss the style of aidilfitri. Therefore, Jakel continues to produce children's clothing collection products under the label Lara Alana and Yusuf Iskandar.

Jakel Textile Social Media
To know more about the Jakel Barulah Raya campaign, you can follow the latest info on Jakel at Jakel instagram at @jelteltile and Facebook @GedungTekstilJakel social media. Customers can also making this campaign hapenning Jakel Barulah Raya campaign in social media with the hashtag #jakelbarulahraya #ingatrayaingatjakel #seronoknyarayajakel


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