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As you seen last week about the KÄRCHER Challenge: Make Impossible Cleaning Possible, I participated in KÄRCHER Challenge and get to experience their products. Now I've put the KÄRCHER FC5 through its paces and want to share my experiences with you.
The Kärcher FC 5 combines 2 cleaning processes in one. It wipes and soaks, thanks to the routinely routed microfiber rollers supplying itself with clean water and detergent.
First I would like to go into the handling. Basically, the operation reminds me strongly of a vacuum cleaner. The rotating rollers make it easy to move A rotate on the foot gives the FC5 a great verb, You get better in corners and a little deeper under sofas or closets.
It has a two-tank cleaning system, one for dirty water with an automatic stopping mechanism in place for avoiding the overflow of dirty water back onto your clean floors, and one for clean water.
The dual tank system assures that the clean and dirty water never get mixed together and therefore adds a level of cleaning stability. Water need to refill from time to time, if you using the FC5 over larger areas. The clean water tank has no level indicator, so you need to check it out from time to time.
Simply put the FC5 any corner and make sure it stays upright, otherwise the water can leak out of the tanks. The FC5 unit takes just a little space and can be placed everywhere. Since the rollers moisturize and clean themselves, the hands remain mostly dry, which protects the hands. The FC5 is always ready to go because it is powered by electricity and not by rechargeable battery. Even thou the cable is bothering but it's still fine for me, The length of the cable is long enough so you do not have to constantly change the socket.
On/Off power Button
However, The FC5 is fast on hand. Apart from filling the water tank and moistening the rollers, there is no other preparation needed. It is not soooo heavy either, A full bucket of water is definitely heavier And might it spill waters on the floor.
Coke takes out by FC5 without problems! Here you can definitely enjoy the anticipation, that's no problem for the Kärcher on Dirt, Dust or any wet stuff fell on the floor. I was completely surprised by the "coke test". My nephews often spill anything and that usually in anytime when we are in a hurry. Wiping costs me a lot of time and nerves at the moment! With the FC5, the dirt is sucked away lightning fast and the floor is clean again. Without streaks and without much water to use. In that moment the FC5 is really priceless!
From time to time, you have to remove the rollers and clean them thoroughly, They can be easily removed. The suction head must also be cleaned thoroughly from time to time. To do this, simply remove it and flush out the residues completely. I would recommend in addition to rinse the entire device through After cleaning, a lot of dirt had settled in the hoses that lead to the waste water tank that need to clean too Then you put everything back together after that.
When I was finished with the Karcher FC5 I unplugged and emptied the water filter of all of the dirty water, washed the rollers, placed into the included holder and this bad boy was ready for using again. The results were great, without leaving any dirt behind and no strong soapy smell left.
Overall I really liked the Karcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner, it did the job brilliantly with very little effort required from me. It was easy to use and stored away without any issues.” Kärcher’s line of home vacuum cleaners give you great benefits without draining your wallet. These vacuum cleaners are affordable and provide you with top-notch cleaning abilities that are worth paying for.


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