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Hola Malaysian, As Malaysian like me, We all enjoy the day started with No GST% Changers in every Bill we spend. As a Consumer in malaysia, It was a big deal for us. Thanks to our Former(fifteen years ago) and now new Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, Makes a new history and better future to Malaysian.
Alright, The proud is there and today I wanted to write about my First time experience to apply EPF withdrawal for house purchase from KWSP. I will explain as short as simple straight to the point, you might get confuse if you read at KWSP Offifcial website Because there are few page till the end of the procedure.  http://www.kwsp.gov.my/portal/en/member/withdrawal-to-purchase-a-house

This article is based on my first experience that I had during the application, I'm not here to become a professional but Showing some simple guideline for those who wanted to Apply the withdrawal from EPF Account < 2 >. And I would love to share along.
First at all, The most important thing that you need KNOW before the application Is you only can apply this House withdrawal from KWSP after You signed Sales and Purchase Agreement which is generally known as “S&P Agreement” or “SPA”. Most of them Don't know (me) and thought to Withdraw this money to support their house Loan down payment, So Means that you still have to use your own money to pay the whatever amount of the 10% Loan Down payment first. Then only You entitled to Apply the withdrawal at any KWSP Branch, I went to Sri Petaling KWSP Branch and all the staff are friendly & helpful with the smile on their face. I'm purposely praising them because they make things fast and smooth during the my application, Good Job and keep it up Sri Petaling KWSP crew!!

What is the Maximum amount you can Withdraw? 
There is a percentage calculation to withdraw your money from account < 2 >, 10% from the house loan amount example like :
RM100,000.00 = 10,000.00(10%)
RM200,000.00 = 20,000.00(10%)
RM300,000.00 = 30,000.00(10%)
RM400,000.00 = 40,000.00(10%)
RM500,000.00 = 50,000.00(10%)
and also depending on total amount in your account < 2 >, You can take it out all on account < 2 >. It is really a simple & easy calculation. Make sure Your account < 2 > have the minimum amount of RM500.00. If you Really  have RM500 - RM2000 in your account < 2 > then I advise you better don't applying the withdraw, Too little to cover whatever just save it.
Which Document is Require For Application?
Total need three Main Document Sale And Purchase Agreement, Deed Of Assignment and Housing Loan Agreement. Photocopy these three full set of Document and bring along Original Documents, No others Document will be needed.

Walk to the Customer service Desk, there will be a Lady double checking your document and highlight those important paragraph. Then the first lady will point you to seek for another Lady at the EPF statement printing Kiosk, This Lady will assist you fill up 9C (AHL) (D5) form.

TIP* For get things done more faster, you must have KWSP online i-Akaun. The helpful lady will fill all the details through KWSP website and printed out.

Last Final Step | Go Back to Customer Service Desk, The lady will double check all the document again and Give a you Queue Number. Proceed to Service Counter once your number been show on the TV screen, Lady at the counter will ask for your Identity Card (IC) and do some thumbprint. Look look see see and look look see see again, Stamped!!

Done! |  Everything Done just in 20 minute ( Depending on Crowd ). Don't be so Exited yet, You just pass all the Document for inspection Only. KWSP will send you an official Confirmation MASSAGE about successful or either failed on the Withdrawal. Once withdrawal Approved, the amount of $$ will straight away transfer into your bank account that provided within a week or two.

Take Note | In this article, I only write about EPF withdrawal for housing purchase. There's still have a list for different type of withdrawal application, I would like to write about Others application experience if I have gone through it. Thank you for Reading my Article, Hope this article might helps you.


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