Sunway Lagoon's First White Cubs Unveilled , Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon , 10 March 2018 - In conjunction with the upcoming school holidays , guests will have the chance to see Sunway Lagoon's newest and adorable additions , a pair of four mount old white tiger cubs , Sam and Elsa , the first white tiger cubs born in captivity during the walk & Hunt in the wild campaign ( 17 25 March 2018 ) .
Cubs to Samson and Asha , the majestic icy blue eyed white tiger beauties at Sunway Lagoon's Wildlife Park that were brought into the park in August 2016 , the cubs are already showing their distinct characteristics and behaviour , Sam has denser stripes on its forehead with a playful and affectionate side , while Elsa has sparser stripes on it's forehead , who loves sneaking from behind and eager to explore new things and people . Guest will have the chance to Meet & Greet with the White Tiger cubs at Tigerland during the school holidays at 10:30am , 12:30pm and 4:30pm .
The Walk & Hunt in the wild campaign features an interactive Scavenger Hunt activity , designed to broaden one's knowledge about the wildlife comprising of riddles and a photo hunt which will bring guests through the wildlife park , home to over 150 species of animals . Begin the edutaining journey by registering at Tigerland at 1:00pm and Wildlife Theatre at 3:30pm (on the first come first serve basis ) and collecting the Scavenger Hunt kit which Includes an activity booklet , postcard map , hand sanitizer , Cadbury 5 Star chocolate and exclusive Sunway Lagoon ticket redemption coupon . Upon completion of the hunt , guests will be presented with a certificate of participation at Rimba . Families and friends will also be entertained the most talented bunch bunch of animals at the Wildlife Theatre's Wildlife Multi Animal show . Guests can also take the chance to bring home wildlife themed merchandise as part of their font memories at Rimba during the school holidays from 1pm - 6pm daily .


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