Bakery Category Challenges 2018 , Malaysia

An unrivalled leader in the dairy foodservice industry, Anchor Food Professionals is once again doing their bid to raise the benchmark in the industry by hosting the highly anticipated Anchor Food Professionals Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2018 .

The Challenge is a four-day competition starting 13 until 16 March based on three categories namely Culinary, Cake and Pastries. Culinary and Pastry maestros have been invited to form the luminary panel of judges with Chef Jean Francois Arnaud MOF serving as the Head Judge in Pastry Category, along with Chef Nazeri Ismail, and Chef Arthur Heng in this category.  In the Culinary Category, Chef Gerhard Albrecht serves as the Head Judge, along with Chef Fami Taufeq and Chef Sabri Hassan.
Today is final day of the Pastry and Culinary Challenge 2018 organized by Anchor Food Professional at KDU Glenmarie Shah Alam , there are Four categories of competitions :

Best Pastry - Bakery Category (March 13).
Best Cake - Bakery Category (March 14).
Best Cake - Hotel Category (March 15).
Best Culinary - Hotel Category (March 16).
This challenge was started from 13 to 16 March 2018 was judged by great chefs including :

Category Pastry
Chef Jean Francois Arnaud (Chief Judge)
Chef Nazeri Ismail
Chef Arthur Heng

Culinary Category
Chef Gerhard Albrecht (Chief Judge)
Chef Fami Taufeq
Chef Sabri Hassan.
Each day of the challenge will see different contestants from different industries competing in Pastry (13 March; Bakery channel), Cake (14 March for Bakery Channel and 15 March for Hotel Channel) and the newly added Culinary Category (16 March for Hotel Channel). In the Pastry Category the contestants are required to create a simple croissant and a Danish whereas under the Cake Category each contestant is required to create two types of cakes with Mango and Strawberry themes respectively . The participants of the competition will make full use of Anchor’s leading products in the diary segment namely Anchor Cream Cheese, Anchor Butter Sheet, Anchor Butter, Anchor UHT Milk, Anchor Whipping Cream, and Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream .
For Cake Category (Bakery) , each contestant must provide 2 types of cake :

1 type of full cake (Theme : Mango) 800gm - 1000gm weight per cake .
1 type of individual cake (Themes : Strawberries) 80gm - 100gm weight per Piece

Where each cake should have at least 30% of Anchor Whipping Cream and Anchor Cream Cheese from the total weight of the cakes . beside of the successful cakes produced by contestants . The cake also need to looks nice , attractive and beautiful .
Prize - Each of the competition categories will have winner for :
1st prize Gold : Prizes Worth RM5,000 + Trophy and certificate
2nd Prize Silver : Prizes Worth RM3,000 + Trophy and certificate
3rd Prize Bronze : Prizes Worth RM2,000 + Trophy and certificate

It is not easy to judge, because all participants can give the best. After 5 hours and over the time it was used to produce the best cake, finally 3 of the best players were selected and then announced as the winner.

Winners for Bakery (Cake) category 2018 :
1st Gold Award - Yong Yi Yuan
2nd Silver Award - Loh Qi Yuan
3rd Bronze Award - Yeoh Kean Loon
1st Gold Award - Yong Yi Yuan
According to Yong Yi Yuan , she is encouraged to participate in this competition . Yi Yuan came all the way from Brunei and had culinary education at college in Singapore . Yi Yuan also shared that she has gained a lot of valuable experience in this competition especially in terms of material preparation and various tips .
2nd Silver Award - Loh Qi Yuan
Loh Qi Yuan is from Johor begin with western cuisine at first , After He learning and involved in pastry and cakes from Bakery Moonlight where he works , He feel in love with Pastry . At first , he did not have confident in the field of bakery But thanks to the support from Moonlight Bakery who wanted him to involved in this field . Without Give up , he finally took himself into the competition and won in runner-up .
3rd Bronze Award - Yeoh Kean Loon
Yeoh Kean Loon is from Penang , Working as early as 18 years in the field of bakery reveals him about the world of pastries and cakes . According to him , this field is quite unique because in order to produce delicious cakes and pastries that need a combination of various ingredients . He also found out that pasties industrial make him more creative in several techniques and cuisines from Asia .
 About Anchor Food Professionals
The recently rebranded Anchor Food Professionals reflects the way the foodservice team are now doing business, acting as true consultants, working behind the scenes to deliver exciting new tastes and products for chefs, bakers, caterers, commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, quick service restaurants and cafes. The team will help businesses with all aspects of their operations, from front-of-house presentation, and pricing and promotion, to enhancing yield and taste and delivering exciting new menu options. By getting to know their customers businesses, Anchor Food Professionals is using this knowledge and optimising dairy ingredients using Fonterra’s world leading research and development capability to meet the specific needs of chefs, bakers and restaurant owners.


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