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Did you know that there is a Goverment body that can protect your intellectual property ? . For Myself this was the first time to knowing them and having much more interested on it until I go through their official Portal . The body has been in existence for a long time , even since before 1983 . It is intended to register and protect intellectual property in Malaysia which includes the type of proceeds from ideas or minds such as inventions , works of art , symbols , names , images and designs in the business of which the exclusive right is recognized under the related laws .

Much More Malaysian have not been through this intellectual property protection process , This causes intellectual property to be duplicated and exploited by other parties and makes The creators or owners of the product labels can't do any law issue to defend their product . At MyIPO , They Protects Your Works , Ideas, Creations and Works . For those don't know much more knowledge about this intellectual property protection please read till bottom . So that we all know and are aware of the importance of registering and protecting our intellectual property . Intellectual property rights in Malaysia were governed by the Pejabat Cap Dagangan and Trademark sealed . In 1983 , it was renamed to Pejabat Cap Dagangan and Pattern that placed under the Ministry of Trade and Industry .
On 27 October 1990, the Ministry was restructured and the Office was placed under the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs which is now known as Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism and changed its name to Intellectual Property Division. The Division was tasked to administer Patents Act 1983, Trade Marks Act 1976, and Copyright Act 1987 . All acts are measures to ensure that the exclusive rights of the owner's intellectual property are protected and should not be misused or arbitrarily imposed in the future . This exclusive right means the right to own and the right to exploit any intellectual property without any threat from another party . Such threats include piracy , counterfeit goods , abuse , unauthorized use and so forth .

The Industrial Designs Act 1996 came into force in 1999, followed by the Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Act 2000. In 2001, the Geographical Indications Act 2000 came into force . To respond to the development of intellectual property at domestic and global levels, the Division was corporatized on 3 March 2003 and known as the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (PHIM), with the enforcement of the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Act 2002 . The Corporation took an important first step of rebranding when the acronym PHIM became MyIPO on 3 March 2005 at the inaugural National Intellectual Property Day .
The main vision of its establishment is to be one of the best intellectual property organizations in line with its mission in providing a strong legal infrastructure and an efficient administrative system towards enhancing the creativity and exploitation of intellectual property, especially in Malaysia . While for inventors and designers , especially among entrepreneurs in Malaysia , they also need to be aware of the need to protect their intellectual property so that their rights are more secure as product owners .

It is still up to the individual or company whether wanted or not to register their intellectual property . They have to know that there are goverment body of authority that can help them , MyIPO to ensure that their creative ideas are not taken advantage of those who want to take a simple profit path .

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