Adasta One Stop IPv6 Training Centre

As an active centre for research and development , throughout this two years counting to three . Adasta had amassed a significant of expertise , experience and knowledge in many facets of computing especially in the area of networking . Equipped with these knowledge and expertise , Adasta offers a variety of courses that are beneficial to IT practitioners as well as to the general public . With this , Adasta delivers a range of comprehensive training courses to ensure a good and proper transfer of knowledge to anyone who undergoes the training courses . Each of these courses has been specially designed to cater for the needs of participants . There are several training programs available at here in the area of computer networks especially in IPv6 and own IPv6 Certificate Within four Days At Adasta Network . Adasta Network Sdn Bhd was appointed by IPv6 Forum International as an Authorize Training Platform for the Internet Protocol IPv6 , certification program for Security, Programming and Network courses . Offering courses and training to understand the development of IPv6 and Internet technology . Adasta Network is one of the training center for industrial sector and the development of Internet technology .
Adasta specialized courses in IPv6 :

  • Certified Security Engineer for IPv6 - CSE6 (Silver)
  • Certified Network Engineer for IPv6 - CNE6 (Silver)
  • Certified Network Programmer for IPv6 - (CNP6 (Silver)
  • Certified Security Engineer for IPv6 - CSE6 (Gold)
  • Certified Network Engineer for IPv6 - CNE6 (Gold)
  • Certified Network Programmer for IPv6 - (CNP6 (Gold)
  • IOT Engineering Certification (Certified ECHONET - Lite Technician Training)
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Internet Protocol (IP Address) is a wireless protocol connection that allows data to be transmitted from one computer to another one without any continuous connection between the two communication tools . IPv6 is the latest version of Internet Protocol and is also a substitute for IPv4 , this IPv6 has upgraded to a large address space , bringing the address more structured and able to provide new routers . The features of IPv6 are ability to expand the address space from 32 bits to 128 bits of length and address space from about 4 billion to large amount of more than 340 trillion that currently exist today . While the commercial opportunities sophisticated of IPv6 can provide to all Malaysians to technological change that happening now . Adatas helps the Opportunities for employment in the industrial sector that required physical and mental strength . The collaboration in helping Malaysians towards IT education and to understand the development of Internet technologyb, the Adasta Network is a personal achievement in enhancing the minds of Malaysian people to the true illustration of Internet development and helping employees to get more jobs .
Bhaawaani Visunathan, Chief Executive Officer, Adasta Network said " We have been appointed by IPv6 Global Forum via NLVTC education as exclusive authorised trainning Platform in Malaysia . Therefore are other companies may offer the similar program but there are not authorized and furthermore unable to produce the international certification for Malaysia ". " The non authorized industries players will jeopardize the market by not giving a proper skill training required and relevant qualification for the target audience ".

" Adasta Network together with Persatuan IPv6 Malaysia with the support of Human Development Fund (HRDF) will train and upskill with leading certification on IPv6 likewise Malaysia to be fully IPv6 enable by year 2025 . With Government direction going on fully knowledge based community , Malaysia must be ready to face the technology shift with skilled professional ". Said by Bhaawaani -


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