The Malaysia Book of Records " Longest Underwater Human Chain" 2017

190 Scuba Diver Created The Malaysia Book of Records for Longest Underwater Human Chain at Pulau Bidong , Kuala Terenganu .
This October 6 to 8 2017 , Pulau Bidong mark its name in the Malaysia Book of Records . YB Datuk Mas Ermieyanti Samsudin , Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia will lead a group of divers to establish a national record of the Longest Underwater Human Chain by Scuba Divers in Pulau Bidong . The programme targetted 190 divers attempt the biggest human chain by cross each other’s hands for a big Circle .
The 200 meter Longest Underwater Human Chain formed by 190 scuba divers at 14 meters deep at the bottom of the waters of Pulau Bidong , created a new record for the Malaysia Book of Record (MBOR) 2017 .
Safety Supported by Kuala Terenganu  Fire Department and Marine Police .
Interestingly , creating the first record ever in South East Asia was accompanied together with scuba divers from various ages including women , disabled Participant (OKU) and also children .
Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia , Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin , said participants took 35 minutes to create the record with just one attempt . Mas Ermieyati said the selection of Pulau Bidong as the location of the record was also intended to introduce the island as a travel destination which is also the remains of Vietnamese refugees .
The Ministry of Tourism and Culture initiative collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) , Scubatex Resources Sdn Bhd, Muslimah Diver, Coral Malaysia Foundation (YCM) and MBOR .
The Pulau Bidong island is in the northeast of Kuala Terengganu city and Merang town.  To get to the island, it takes about 40 – 50 minutes by boat .
Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia , Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin Having a photo session with the MOTAC Malaysia Instagram Board
Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia , Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin Signing Up to Participate Longest Underwater Human Chain
Participants Checking their equipment for safety before the challenge Start 
Each Participants have one number tag to follow the instruction when at bottom of the sea , avoid mess happens .
Rehearsal been giving how the human Chain works later .
 MyCoral Malaysia Team Giving Supports and cheering Up to all the scuba Diver during the performance .
All the Divers walk up to shore while put the smile on their face after success to do the Longest Underwater Human Chain and Received the The Malaysia Book of Records .

You Miss Out This Program ?
No worries , Their will having again Next Year .
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