I Love Coffee & Tea Expo 2017 - Mid Valley , Malaysia

I love Coffee & Tea Expo 2017 is happening now at Mid Valley Exhibition Center hall 1 from 10am to 9pm on 27th - 29th October 2017 and Admission free , more than 80 vendors ready to serve you . The Event was Organize by Forte Expo and Brings a big Variety choices for the coffee & tea Lovers to experience . I Love Coffee & Tea Expo event is created for all coffee and tea lovers , in this Expo was combine with locals and international brands of coffees and teas  . Do drop by and visit them by presenting fresh ideas , new trend , tradition . The latest product launch and trends will set the benchmark for the beverage that they are selling . Catch up with the program to get more coffee art experience and many more . I'm sure you will get more fun and fulfill your day with those Activity that provided . Let me Introduce part of the booth vendor that sells awesome Coffees and teas , It was really a great experience and had a great knowledge about all the product .
Cupsule is the future trend of “Single Serve” coffee and tea products , To produce a suitable single serve coffee and tea . Normaly those product , when off packets , they are hard to be finished in a short time . so the freshness while aromas also will be affected and difficult to be stored surely affecting the warranty of the products typically on hygiene and safety . They first came into contact with coffee and tea capsules concept of “Single Serve” , capsules are convenience , easy-to-use and more fresh aroma . a tiny capsule is flavourful , from Italian coffee to Barista coffee , perfectly preserve the aroma and freshness of coffee . While in the tea production , the unique extraction technology of a capsule machine , has effectively and accurately extracted the essence from tea leaves , upgrading an ordinary tea to become multiple infusion tea . With just pressing “a single button”, I can sip a cup of professional made coffee and tea . (125 Units Of Arabica Coffee & 125 Units Of Organic Green Tea)
The Cupsule Machine - One touches operation machine with High pressure infiltrates the water into the capsule avenly exractes the flavour . If you are still worried about your coming functions/events on how to enhance the quality experience of your guests , CUPSULE is definitely your one and only best choice . Call now 011-330 330 37 (Miss May) or visit Their FB : Cupsule Malaysia .
G7 Coffee & TNI King Coffee
G7 Vietnamese Coffee is the world's best-tasting (never bitter) gourmet instant coffee and TNI King Coffee is their new packaging product , famous throughout Southeast Asia . It was the 1st instant coffee to be extracted directly from the unroasted coffee bean , not from freeze-dried brewed coffee . And now available in Malaysia Supermarket like Aeon , Trendcell , BEN's ,Village Grocer , Oliver Gourmet , NSK , Circle K , Sundry Shop and Selections Groceries . Visit Their FB Page for more activities : G7 Coffee Malaysia & TNI King Coffee Malaysia .
Mr.K Penang Hand crafted white coffee bean , Basically Syarikat Tat Guan are in the instant coffee market for more than 37 years , supplies to Penang airport and most of the Hotel at langkawi . beside the famous white coffee there are other products like Cappucicnino and Kopi-O . With decade years of introduction experience , Not only in Penang , Their flooding around Malaysia now .
The Herding Day by Verve Stuff
Coffeebrewer and Teabrewer is the first disposable specialty coffee machine with the ready-to-brew bag in Malaysia , It is a combination of filter and French press coffee in a single solution . Each pouch contains 18 grams/ 0.6 ounces of single estate coffee grounds (Arabica) , The bean was hand picked , sorted and roasted from Denmark into this miracle bag . There are six types of single origin Coffeebrewer available at The Herding Day , which are Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Columbia, Honduras and Ethiopia . six types of Teabrewer Cool mint, Green Refreshment, Red Berry Dream, Fruity Figs & Pineapple, Fruity Passion and Tasty Berry .  Available in 2 forms of sizes (Original and Grande) that can have my drink anytime and anywhere I want . Find out more at : The Herding Day .
TRU BRU Coffe Co.
Cold-brew coffee are made in very different ways , cooling it down slowly or pouring it over ice to chill it more quickly . Cold brew, as the name implies , involves brewing the coffee in cold water for 30 hours . cold brew coffee isn't just less bitter—it tastes quite different , TRU BRU established their business from june 2017 that selling two beverage at the moment which is Black Coffee and Latte . They also doing Online ordering to delivery around Kuala Lumpur and Around Klang valley . Visit them at TRU BRU & TRU BRU .
1 Motea
Momo Tea is Ginseng Oolong Tea (also known as Lady Orchid), the tea leaves are tightly rolled with a thin layer of mixture of ginseng powder and licorice powder , forming little pellets. The brewed tea is amber in colour with an amazing orchid aroma . It has thick and strong taste , with sweet and complex aftertaste . They are rolled into little balls ,  The result looks quite a bit like Grape Nuts cereal , actually. These teas will brew very quickly and produce and a bold, powerful cup of tea . Get to know more about 1 Motea at 1Motea .
Rhymba Hills
Rhymba Hills supplies 100% natural Malaysian herbal tea to the world proudly , using individually sealed in aluminum to maintain its freshness for a perfect afternoon cuppa . On the day I visit , It's a pleasure to met Rhymba Hills Founder Ciinndey Wong . With eight tea series variety which is Lemongrass and Pandan , Lemongrass, Pandanus and Bentong Ginger , Lemongrass and Bentong Ginger , Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Pandan , Java Tea (Misai Kucing) and Ceylon Cinnamon , Kaffir Lime Leaves, Ceylon Cinnamon, Roselle and Exquisite Blends . Their product can be bought at every where in klang valley or even out skirt of Kuala Lumpur , Find out more at Rhymba Hills .
MamaGinger Powders
MamaGinger manufacturing and supplying quality ginger powder in the market that redolent , freshness , 100% purity , natural taste , high nutritive value and longer shelf life . The Benefits of ginger , Ginger Contains Gingerol , Nausea Treatment , Cure Muscle Pain , Reduce Diabetes & Heart Disease , Prevent Cancer and many more . Contact them via FB  MamaGinger Powders .
This trendy food product is From our Southern state Johor Bahru , fried fish skin with salted egg definitely is a perfect combination !! . Handmade by matching the everyone favourite salted egg and fresh fish skin modulated with secret recipe , crispy fried fish skin crunching in mouth with super-rich taste of salted egg fragrance . Track them down at O.yu.fish .
Pastry World Sdn Bhd
Pastry World sells cakes , pastries & bakery product manufacturer and distributor that Supplies to hotel , café and restaurants in Klang Valley . No shop or Pastries at the moment .
Click like to trace what going on their official FB Fan page for coming Event happening near you


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