Tetley Tea Tasting with Sebastian Michaelis , Malaysia

Everything about tea from the Art of a Perfect Blend to Making a Perfect Brew by Tetley’s Tea Master Sebastian Michaelis . Tetley is the no. 1 tea brand in the UK and 2nd largest in the world . If you love tea and savour every drop of a great-tasting brew that’s just made right , Tea lovers across Malaysia are in for a treat as Britain’s iconic leading tea brand Tetley launches an array of its finest flavours into the Malaysian market .
One of the largest tea brands worldwide with a presence in over 40 countries , Tetley brings to Malaysian teacups a combination of expertise and rich British heritage , spanning over 175 years . Each cup of Tetley tea is sure to evoke a sense of comfort , warmth and joy from the very first sip , allowing family and friends to share in memorable light-hearted moments whilst enjoying that perfect cuppa .
With a dedicated team of professional Tea Masters with over 1,000 years of experience combined , Tetley’s blending expertise is second to none . Only the finest of tea leaves are selected to create the brand’s quality blends , which are measured using the unique Uhuru language . Whether your preference is Black , Green or Herbal , Tetley’s teas are perfect for any occasion .
Indulge in the all-time- favourite Teh Tarik with Tetley’s Black Tea loose leaf range , specially crafted just for Malaysians by the blending masters themselves . Alternatively , add a splash of delight to your everyday routine with the robust , flavourful taste of Tetley’s English Breakfast , Earl Grey or Chai Spice . The refreshing, aromatic Tetley Green Tea, Green Mint Tea or Jasmine Green Tea is an
exquisite treat for the taste buds , while Tetley’s Camomile tea offers a mellow , relaxing way to unwind after a hard day’s work .
Tetley’s products come in a variety of distinct packaging , including String & Tag tea bags , round tea bags , teapot bags and loose tea . They are available at major hypermarkets and supermarkets across Malaysia. String & Tag tea bags and Canister tea bags are are certified Halal . As the first tea brand in the world to introduce round tea bags and drawstring tea bags , Tetley is known as an innovation leader , along with its rich heritage and global presence . Tetley tea is enjoyed worldwide with over 45 million cups consumed daily . As a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership , Tetley is committed to ensuring its process of growing , sourcing , buying and blending tea is done in a wholly sustainable manner . For more information, please visit www.tetley.com.
Tetley Malaysia brought Tetley Tea Master , Sebastian Michaelis from England whose tongue has been insured for 1 million pounds to share his knowledge of teas and how does one make the perfect cup of tea at home . Different varieties of tea require a different temperature of water to allow the tea leaves to extract its flavours fully . It was such an amazing experience where I learnt so many things about tea from him . Thank you for the sharing!


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