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Vape means "to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device; while both the device and the action can also be known as a vape."

It was coined in the late 1980s when companies like RJR Nabisco were experimenting with the first “smokeless” cigarettes. But, after years of languishing, the word is back, needed to distinguish a growing new habit from old-fashioned smoking. According to Oxford’s calculations, usage of vape, which as a noun can refer to an e-cigarette or similar device, more than doubled between 2013 and 2014.

"I’d rather people vaped indoors than smoked outside"
many smokers have started vaping e-cigarettes to help them cut down there’s concern that young people may take up vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking

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What does vape mean?

So, what does vape mean? It originated as an abbreviation of vapour or vaporize . As e-cigarettes (or e-cigs) have become much more common , so vape has grown significantly in popularity. Vape is also the modifier for other nouns, creating new compound nouns which are growing in popularity. The most common of these are vape pen and vape shop , and there is also recent evidence for vape lounge, vape fluid, vape juice, and others.

My weapon IPV2 MINI 70W box mod by Pioneer4you + Herakles SubTank by Sense ..


It's here, the IPV Mini 2 70W Box Mod! Pioneer4you has upgraded the very popular IPV Mini 30W to 70W. While maintaining the same size and shape as it's predecessor, the IPV Mini 2 features a Yihi SX330V2C chip that allows the regulated, miniature mod to go all the way up to 70 watts. With the new chip, you may also fire an atomizer with a resistance as low as 0.2 ohm. The voltage output from this mod ranges from 3.6 volts to 8.5 volts and the wattage output ranges from 0.5 watts to 70 watts. The IPV Mini 2 features a USB port which makes for easy charging, but the battery can easily be replaced by removing the threaded tailcap. This mod has many safety features including output short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, low resistance warning, low voltage warning, and high input voltage warning. The IPV Mini 2 70W Box Mod has a 510 connection with a floating pin that ensures all tanks will sit flush.

Quick Overview

iPV Mini v2 70w
YiHi SX-330 V2C Board
Output power: 7~70 watt
Resistance: 0.2~3Ω
Output voltage: 3.6~8.5volt
Input voltage: 3.2-4.5V
Max current output: 16A
Aluminum Colours: black and silver
Spring loaded 510 pin
Size: 94 x 40 x 23mm
Micro USB charger for battery
Lock wattage holding +/- buttons together
User replaceable 18650 battery

The Herakles Sub-Ohm BVC Tank by Sense combines the ease of ready made coils with the capability to produce an incredible amount of vapor!

Introducing the Herakles Sub-Ohm BVC Tank by Sense, designed to be used from 30 to 100 watts and now includes Sense's new 0.2 ohm Coil for even more vapor! Producing outstanding amounts of vapor, the Herakles combines the best of both worlds; the ease of replaceable, ready made coil heads with the capability and flexibility to be fired at high wattage! Designed to perform in the same leagues as some of the best rebuildable atomizers, the Herakles features 6 wicking points on the tank and 5 juice entry points on the coil itself to ensure fast and consistent wicking to support the higher input. The vertical coil structure of the .6 and .2 ohm BVC Head produces fantastic flavor and even more vapor than rival tanks, and coupled with an easily adjustable airflow control ring that provides a full variety of airflow, can be a versatile, all in one tank. Featuring a full Stainless Steel construction with a Pyrex glass tank, the Herakles can be filled with up to 3 milliliters of e-liquid. An included widebore delrin and stainless steel drip tip allows for out of the box vapor chasing and high heat dissipation. A copper 510 connection ensures minimal voltage drop for maximal user experience! Extreme vapor production with minimal assembly and hassle. The Herakles Sub-Ohm BVC Tank by Sense.

Warning: Never use a short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device. If unsure whether this pertains to your particular set-up, DO NOT assemble and use. Always use proper precautions and handling. 

Product Features:
Redesigned coil and base for maximal vapor production and efficient wicking
0.6 Ohm Coil Head Optimized For 50 to 100 Watts
0.2 Ohm Coil Head Optimized For 30 to 75 Watts
Incredible Vapor and Flavor Production
Delrin and Stainless Steel Widebore Drip Tip
3 milliliter capacity
Stainless Steel Construction
Pyrex Tank
22mm in Diameter
Organic Cotton used in Coils

Product Includes
One Herakles Sub-Ohm BVC Tank by Sense
One 0.6 Ohm Sense BVC Coil (Preinstalled)
One 0.2 Ohm Sense BVC Coil
One spare Pyrex Tank section

This flavor is the perfect peach bubble gum slightly mint ! Sweet, juicy , Smooth and delicious. A pure extraction of organic peaches . tastes like peach schanpps or peach rings candy .

Stock Up 0.6 Ω coil....

Vape Bartender Irish Cappuccino (30ML) - Vape Bartender Premium E-Juiceb , Hypnotic combination of multi premiun Irish Cappuccino infused with a bit of caramel . The smell is great. But the flavor is very mild. I was disappointed expecting it to have a stronger taste .

E-cigarettes are currently prohibited in Singapore, under the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act (Cap. 309, 2011 Rev. Ed. Sing.), which is enforced by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). Section 16 (1) of prohibits the importation, distribution, sale or offer for sale of any "article" that is "designed to resemble a tobacco product" or "the packaging of which is designed to resemble the packaging commonly associated with tobacco products".

Cool Berry

Unique taste of fresh ripe strawberries with a slight cooling effect and hint of jello on the exhale. Perfect for your daily vape.Unique taste of fresh ripe strawberries with a slight cooling effect and hint of jello on the exhale. Perfect for your daily vape .

From iPV2 MINI 70W box mod Upgraded to iPV4 100W Box Mod ....

The new IPV4 is the latest regulated mod from Pioneer4you, it has undergone a complete redesign and looks nothing like the IPV2 & 3 mods. I would say that the design of the IPV4 is most similar to the Zero Modz device due to its wrap around contour grip that can be removed to reveal where you put the required dual 18650 batteries. This grip is held in place with magnets so you won’t need to mess around with screws to access the batteries .

Quick Overview

Yihi SX330 V3C chip
Aluminum body with custom milled display screen
Spring loaded contact pin
Resistance reads down to 0.1 Ω
Resistance reads up to 3.0 Ω
Adjustable wattage: 5W-100W
Output voltage: 1.0V – 7.5V
Supported pass through mod
Take 2 18650 batteries
Fully magnetic door
Auto ohm resistance meter
Mini interface charging port

The brains running the device is the latest YiHi SX330 V3C chip-set capable of up to 100 watt’s of pure vaping pleasure. You can adjust the output from 5 to 100 watts in 0.1 watt increments and fire atomizers as low as 0.1ohms. The firing switch, adjustment buttons, and LED screen are all on the side of the device .

The Herakles Sub-Ohm BVC Tank by Sense into pieces

The Cherry Bomber as my new collection is the latest and greatest from Masterpiece Custom Vapes of the Philippines. This is a fully mechanical box mod and can easily be disassembled for cleaning so you can maintain its beauty! , You'll find no wires in it, meaning extremely low voltage drop. This beauty looks and feels like a million bucks!

- Aluminum body and sliding door
- Full mechanical box mod
- Use single or dual 18650
- Floating and adjustable copper contacts
- Brass 510 connector
- Brass firing pin w/ twist lock
- Threaded delrin insulator
- Adjustable battery contacts
- No wire. Minimal voltage drop
- Dimensions 53mm (L) x 26mm (W) x 100mm (H)

Trying out new E-juice Sirap Bandung By Cloud Chasers , could literally feel like there’s actually real sirap bandung all over your tongue. It is not cold at all , 30pg70vg. Higher Vg means you need to slow down on chain vaping .

Trying out new E-juice Blackcurrant by Mystree , Unique taste of fresh ripe Blackcurrant with a slight cooling mint and hint of jello on the exhale. Perfect for your daily vape . it was in my top 10 list of best e-juice .

Customize skin for my IPV4 mod with so much...
Trying Out Other flavour soon..
updating here all the time...keep it up ya....


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