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Getting A Huawei P10 Plus While doing Some Survey

After the Successful of Huawei P9 And P9 Plus , I have fall in love into Huawei P series . As I'm a Semi Profesional photographer , I Kinda impressed especially comes to photography . And for sure this Huawei P10 will be much more advanced from the Previous one . The Huawei P10 bringing the technology first seen in the Mate 9 to a smaller form factor , with a palette of unique colors and finishes . But if you want the very best Huawei has to offer in terms of specs , camera optics and storage capacity , the P10 Plus is the one you'll and me wanted to have . Is based on the same Kirin 960 platform as the smaller version , ups the RAM to 6GB and bumps the internal storage all the way up to 128GB , which is expandable even further via microSD . And I'm gonna enjoy a larger and higher resolution display as well , with the Plus which with 5.5-inch panel with Quad UD (2560x1440) fidelity .  batteries to bigger 3,750mAh cell . The overall design is essentially identical to the re…