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Probably The Best Party At The Roof, 1st Avenue | Malaysia

Guests and media had a first-hand experience of “Probably The Best Party” held at The Roof on 9th November 2018 brought exclusively by “Probably The Best Beer In The World”, Carlsberg, as a sneak peek of the much anticipated and exciting First Prize win offered for this promotional campaign.
Just as guests and media were feted to an amazing and tantalising night of food, beers and entertainment for this one-of-a-kind experience, likewise, each of the 50 lucky winners will be playing host to ‘‘Probably The Best Party’’ with 80 of their friends at a venue of their choice to pick from within the participating outlets and a preferred theme ALL on Carlsberg.
Replicating the ambience and party vibes of the five themes that the winners can choose from, either Oriental, Kollywood, German, Sports or Karaoke Party, The Roof, celebrating its 5th Anniversary, was transformed into an awesome venue of grandio…

ONE : Destiny Of Champions Announces Main Event In Kuala Lumpur On 7th December | Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The largest global sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship™ (ONE), is once again set to electrify the bustling Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur with authentic world-class martial arts. Once again, the absolute best in local and international martial arts talent are set to take the ONE Championship cage. The Axiata Arena will play host to ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS, set for Friday, 7 December. In the main event, Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex of Thailand takes on Luis Regis of Australia. Malaysian athletes Agilan Thani, Gianni Subba, Jihin Radzuan as well as newcomer Mohammed bin Mahmoud is set to dominate in the cage to make Malaysia proud.

Ticket information for ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS is available at
Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex is one of the most popular and accomplished strikers in the world. Born in Northeast Thailand, Yodsanklai won close to 200 professional bouts against many fellow Muay Tha…

Time Fibre Home Broadband | Malaysia

Malaysian having overpricing home broadband Internet for a long period time and paying for slow Internet speed with a premium Price while our neighbor country, Singapore who has the world's fastest download speed. As my experience, Is not which Home broadband I can choose, It was Which area with specifically Home broadband suitable. I mean example like the place I stayed is The territory of Maxxx, I move to a new place and this place is territory of UNxxx. So, when it comes to choosing broadband Internet for home, there are a whole range consider. TIME Fibre Home Broadband beat the fastest Internet speed in Malaysia with 500Mbps unlimited downloads and uploads, definitely gonna be the best package you can get now in town with more limited coverage. This plan is exclusively available online for a limited time, so hurry and get your hands on it before anyone else
On 7 October 2018, TIME Home Broadband launched Malaysia’s fastest ever fibre home broadband service with speeds of up t…

Moleskine Collections Malaysia

The Moleskine notebook is the heir and successor to the legendary notebooks used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. A simple black rounded rectangle that held the sketches, notes, stories and ideas that would one day become famous paintings or the pages of beloved books. In the mid-1980s, the notebook that Bruce Chatwin nicknamed “Moleskine” mentioned in his book The Songlines became increasingly scarce and then disappeared completely. In 1997, a small Milanese publisher brought the legendary notebook back to life, choosing this literary name to revive a remarkable tradition of creativity and self-expression.
The legendary notebook brand, Moleskine, brings this fall-winter Metro Bag Collection inspired by Metro Nomadism storyline, that allows us to live our cities and embrace our imagination to the fullest, that understands the zeitgeist of our modern identities, where traditional modes …

Bangsawan Dendam Laksamana | Matic | Malaysia

A story adapted from the true story of the history of Sultan Mahmud II from the state of old Johor based on the book Masyhor Malaya by Shahrom Husain in 1978. As we know because of envy and also want to have power then all slander sprinkled by Seri Bija Wangsa to Datuk Laksamana Megat Seri Rama. The theater with live performances of the Musical Venerable Enthusiastic Theater which began at MATIC Kuala Lumpur from 29th October to 11th November 2018. A theater from the production of Pat Ibrahim Project Entertaiment (PIPE), directed, choreographer and story by Pat Ibrahim and script by Siti Jasmina Ibrahim.
After receiving a great performance last year, the theater continued to gain the attention to make it a success and uplift the theater. The involved such as the Sime Darby Foundation, the Spokesman with EKUINAS, DRB-Hicom University, Tune Hotel, Primula Hotel And NGO's. The theater is performed by great actor and strongly holds their character such as Hairi Safwan as the main rul…

LAB 11 Full Lift Shampoo & Soft Mask | Malaysia

Are You Struggling on slow growing Hair, take care of it or hard to do styling? Proud to say that I have found the right product for my hair problem with Lab 11 Full Lift Shampoo and Hair Mask, Just Can't wait to test it. I'll reveal and review more details about the lab 11's product below, hope this product might help you on hair problem after read this article. This eye-catching product are available in Malaysia quite some time and You may grab it from online or seller ASAP, Lab 11 contain natural Ingredients and not an ordinary shampoo in the market. Helps our hair grow, reduces inflammation of the scalp And healthy hair. Eucalyptus oil do make our hair healthy but also help to relieve tension at the same time. LAB11's Full Lift Shampoo & Mask series was launch at Eco Sky Business Lounge few days ago. GlobalStory target to lead LAB11 into providing a range of tip top quality hair and beauty solution products. Most important is No Artificial Colouring, Fragrance …