Think Football Think Carlsberg

“Probably The Best Football Beer” Campaign Ever by Carlsberg! 
Over 3,000 parties, rewarding prizes like trip to Liverpool FC match in UK, jerseys, umbrellas, bottle and can cooler sleeves and an online game to keep the football fever alive Calling all footie fans! As the countdown begins to the most anticipated football event of the year, this is your chance to score limited edition merchandise from Carlsberg’s “Probably The Best Football Beer” campaign. The campaign calls out to beer lovers and football fans alike to collect merchandise of their favourite country namely England, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain and Portugal. Living up to its brand promise of delivering Probably The Best, Carlsberg – “Probably The Best Beer In The World” and Carlsberg Smooth Draught – “Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World” are commemorating the football event by featuring the mentioned six countries’ flag on its bottles and cans over Carlsberg’s signature hop leaf shape as limited edition packaging.

World Gin Day With The Botanist at W.I.P Bangsar Shopping Centre

An Enchanting World Gin Day at WIP Last weekend, in celebration of World Gin Day, a small corner of WIP was transformed into a nocturnal garden for one enchanting evening curtesy of The Botanist Gin.
A recent addition to WIP’s line up of spirits, The Botanist experience was curated by Chee Kin Yong, Key Account Manager at Rémy Cointreau who explained that the number 22 on the 1.5 litre bottle referred to the local botanicals hand foraged on the Isle of Islay which augment the nine classic gin botanicals to givethe only Islay Dry Gin it’s exclusive character.
Throughout the night, guests were given the opportunity to try their hand atconcocting their own cocktails or having one made for them at the personalized artisan cocktail bar. The drinks menu for the night included imaginative cocktailslike the Sweet Spot and Better Bitter.
As a special treat for members of the media. a selection of botanicals and aromatics were made available to infuse commemorative bottles of Botanist Gin. The …


MAJLIS IFTAR SETULUS KASIH RAMADHAN 2018 JALINAN UKHUWAH DAN APRESIASI TOURISM SELANGOR KEPADA PENGGIAT MEDIA Tourism Selangor dengan kerjasama The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur selaku penaja lokasi majlis telah menganjurkan Majlis Iftar Setulus Kasih Ramadhan yang telah diadakan pada 6 Jun 2018 bertempat di Saujana Ballroom, The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur bagi meraikan penghargaan para penggiat media Tourism Selangor.
Seramai lebih 150 orang tetamu jemputan yang terdiri daripada tetamu yang diraikan iaitu seramai 90 orang para penggiat media, Ahli Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pegawai Perhubungan Pelancongan (PBT) rakan penggiat Industri pelancongan Tourism Selangor telah hadir dan memeriahkan majlis ramah mesra iftar, sempena bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak untuk Tahun 2018.
Majlis Iftar Setulus Kasih Ramadhan ini dianjurkan khusus untuk mempererat dan mengukuhkan lagi jalinan kerjasama sedia ada di antara para penggiat media dan Tourism Selangor serta merupakan apresiasi untuk pihak media di atas p…

Shopee Malaysia X Shopee Malaysia

Super honor Day Features the honor 7A and Phantom Green honor 10 – Launched Exclusively on Shopee Malaysia Up to 30% off all honor products 
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 June 2018 - Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, is proud to announce its collaboration with honor Malaysia to exclusively launch the honor 7A and Phantom Green variant of the honor 10 during the Super honor Day sale, taking place in Malaysia on 8 June 2018. Throughout the sale, tech lovers can expect flash sales for both these phones and great bargains with up to 30% discount on all honor products storewide.

“Shopee is very proud to continue its collaboration with honor Malaysia, building on the previous successful launches of the honor 9 Lite and honor 10. Both our brands share the same vision of exploring the fullest potential of Malaysia’s e-commerce industry, and to deliver best customer experience to our growing customer base,” said Ian Ho, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director. “In addition, Sh…

KÄRCHER Challenge: Make Impossible Cleaning Possible

If you are concerned over cleanliness, I would definitely recommend KÄRCHER.

Recently I participated in KÄRCHER Challenge and get to experience their products. Oh wow! I didn't realise cleaning can be made so easy. After using the products, now I truly believe KÄRCHER's tagline - MAKE IMPOSSIBLE CLEANING POSSIBLE! Plus there are up to RM60,000 worth of prizes (cash & products) as well as 1,000 movie tickets to be won!!!
When there are good things, I love to share with my fans. 🤩 That's why I am asking you...JOIN NOW!! NOW!! NOW!!

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EPF withdrawal for housing purchase, how ? | Malaysia

Hola Malaysian, As Malaysian like me, We all enjoy the day started with No GST% Changers in every Bill we spend. As a Consumer in malaysia, It was a big deal for us. Thanks to our Former(fifteen years ago) and now new Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, Makes a new history and better future to Malaysian.
Alright, The proud is there and today I wanted to write about my First time experience to apply EPF withdrawal for house purchase from KWSP. I will explain as short as simple straight to the point, you might get confuse if you read at KWSP Offifcial website Because there are few page till the end of the procedure.

This article is based on my first experience that I had during the application, I'm not here to become a professional but Showing some simple guideline for those who wanted to Apply the withdrawal from EPF Account < 2 >. And I would love to share along.
First at all, The most important thing…

《青色围墙》青春轻喜剧 Green Wall | Astro AEC

Astro首部中文青春轻喜剧《青色围墙》 温绍平、蔡佩璇与众青春演员飙戏
(吉隆坡31日讯) - Astro首部中文青春轻喜剧,改编自本地作家许友彬的同名畅销小说--《青色围墙》将于6月23日开始在Astro AEC(频道301/306 HD)启播。

《青色围墙》由一众青春演员,包括April周雪婷、Sampson周力文、Jamie朱健美、萧俐璇、Elynn梁瑜璘以及希腊华裔混血儿Gabriel Noel Pountney演出;同时,也找来了金视奖视帝温绍平和最受欢迎女艺人蔡佩璇参与演出剧中重要角色,两人在戏中还有不少感情戏呢!资深演员与新晋演员之间,肯定擦出不同的火花。
为了隆重其事,《青色围墙》主题曲《风筝》更邀得「电心少女」Priscilla Abby蔡恩雨与William陈建宏合唱。兩人也是首次为电视剧集演唱主题曲,以流行與輕搖滾結合的主题曲,让人欲罢不能,相信将引起大家传唱。 改编自许友彬小说《青色的围墙》的中文青春轻喜剧《青色围墙》将在6月9日播出制作特辑、6月16日播番外篇,而6月23日起,每逢周六,晚上11时在Astro AEC / AEC HD(频道301/306HD)启播。更多详情,可浏览:。 《青色围墙》故事简介: 单亲父亲徐天平(温绍平饰演)自妻子去世后,便与女儿姗姗(April饰演)相依为命。迈入青春期的姗姗,与一心想要给女儿最好的天平却因重重误会,使得彼此的距离越来越远。

在偶然的机会下,为了修补父女关系烦恼的天平,遇到了与女儿年纪相仿的赖惠贞 ,要求他帮忙出书寻人,对此感到不可思…