Induldge In Pink Moment With Somersby Sparkling Rose

Somersby dedicates its rosé cider to the ladies, as it becomes a permanent variant to the country’s leading cider. Ladies, it’s time to raise your glasses in celebration of pink! Somersby Sparkling Rosé is here to stay and it has its most devoted cider lovers to thank; the ladies. The variant is setting out to be the first cider in Malaysia that is dedicated to women, turning their ordinary moments elegantly pink and inviting them to enjoy the perfect drink for their pink moments in June and July. Through its #SomersbyPinkMoments campaign, Somersby Sparkling Rosé is inspiring ladies to pamper themselves and enjoy their ‘me times’ with a complimentary glass of Somersby Sparkling Rosé, turning their ordinary occasions into pink moments. Whether it’s enjoying a night out with the ladies, sweating it out to a favourite workout, getting a manicure or just treating oneself to a professional blowout at the salon, Somersby Sparkling Rosé aims to turn all these moments pink with a glass of spa…

When I thought of Personal Printed T-Shirt, I think of Printcious

Hola everyone, Proudly to say that Eddy Rush Fatboy Production growing bigger and rapidly in Malaysia and will continue contributing the wonderful stories content to my lovely readers in or out of Malaysia. One more thing we proudly to say is, WE ARE MALAYSIAN!!

When the production growing widely, There surely will be an advertise going on. where and Why ?, Sending email is free, creating a Facebook page is free, Twitter outreach is free, publicity is free, referrals are free, and advertising costs money. So why is it that even with all of these wonderfully low cost and free ways to promote my business that I concern that we must make advertising ?

Generally, you can advertise anywhere you wanted example like newspapers, magazines, Highway Billboards and many much more way to do it. For me, I will do it as simple as possible with minimum budget with more attraction and make my reader/people who supported me more merrier more happier. Don't Worry, I wont ask these friend hang a bo…

Terima kasih Ratu Naga

Kejayan Pakatan Harapan menumbangkan Barisan Nasional dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 (PRU14) lalu mencatatkan sejarah apabila parti keramat UMNO tewas setelah 61 tahun mentadbir negara. Ternyata, rakyat telah bersuara, suka atau tidak, ini adalah suara majoriti rakyat yang dahagakan perubahan.

Kejayaan ini adalah hasil usaha semua pihak dalam Pakatan yang tidak berputus asa menyedarkan rakyat untuk berani mengubah pimpinan demi Malaysia yang baru. Namun, siapakah yang menjadi tunjang atau akar umbi yang membuka mata rakyat sejak dahulu lagi?

Seorang aktivis politik, Otai Reformasi telah tampil membuat pendedahan di mana beliau mendakwa ada individu yang betul-betul memainkan peranan penting sehingga kerajaan Barisan Nasional berjaya dijatuhkan, Siapakah wira yang tidak didendangkan yang dimaksudkan beliau itu? Jom kita ikuti tulisan beliau seperti di bawah.
Pilihanraya Umum Ke-14 (PRU14) sudah berakhir dengan kemenangan kepada kerajaan baru Pakatan Harapan. Seperti sedia maklum, Pakat…

The all New LIPTON GREEN ICE TEA, Malaysia

New Lipton Green Ice Tea With 31% Less Sugar Same Great Refreshing Taste, Goodness of Real Green Tea
Lipton, the World No.1 Tea brand, launched the new Lipton Green Ice Tea delivering the same great refreshing taste with 31% less sugar, achieved by using Stevia, a natural, Zero calorie Sweetener.
"Increasingly, Malaysians are looking for ways to care for their health & wellness. With that in mind, Lipton is continuously transforming our product that help make relevant choices more accessible for consumers moving towards a healthier lifestyle," said Putri Shireen Syed Othman, Head Marketing at PepsiCo (M) Sdn Bhd.
The new Lipton Green Ice Tea is available in two unique delicious flavours - Mango Pandan and Jasmine Lychee, delicately crafted in perfect combination of real green tea with Asian fruits & aroma scents like never before. The new Lipton Green Ice Tea contains only 5.8g of sugar per 100ml, which qualifies for the Healthier Choice Logo (HCL) issued by the Mini…

888 Coffee & Tea Thong Guan Trading SDN. BHD.

Syarikat Thong Guan Trading Sdn Bhd (STGT) specializes in manufacturing and trading tea, coffee and other related products with the “888” brand. It is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Thong Guan Industries Berhad, a listed company. We have been granted the HACCP certification and GMP Certification by the Ministry of Health Malaysia besides the Halal Certification by JAKIM, Malaysia.
Have also been certified the Organic Quality Management System by the Organic Food Chain PTY. LTD Australia in year 2011. STGT won the Golden Bull Award in the year 2012. STGT also provide “Original Equipment Manufacturer” (OEM) service to customers. We are sole distributor of sister company – TG Power Wrap Sdn. Bhd. to distribute PVC Food Wrap – Pure Wrap & NiceWrap.
Syarikat Thong Guan Trading Sdn Bhd (STGT) is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of tea, coffee and other related products in Malaysia with “888” brand. STGT is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Thong Guan Industrie…

The all new Philips Beard trimmer Series 3000 & Stubble Trimmer (BTW3206/14)

As we all know, there are Thousand of Beard trimmer or Shavers in the market and there are always have new products to improved their performance for those sensitive skin user and have a good experience. This time i'm introducing new the Series 3000 Beard Trimmer Model BT3206 by Philips. Why they called it Series 3000 , I think there are more than ten different model stands in Series 3000 and BT326 is just one of it, Let me show you what special about this Beard trimmer and what it does.
Clean shaves may come and go but stubble lasts forever. For those of you out there too fussy to grow out your beard or too lazy to do clean shave each morning, stays fashionable and let’s face it, it just looks cool. But if you’re going to achieve a superior stubble look, you need the tools to achieve that enter the trimmer, man’s best friend.
Look at the ease of adjusting the trimming length if you’re planning to filter between lengths – fiddling with combs can sometimes be annoying – so it migh…