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Malaysian having overpricing home broadband Internet for a long period time and paying for slow Internet speed with a premium Price while our neighbor country, Singapore who has the world's fastest download speed. As my experience, Is not which Home broadband I can choose, It was Which area with specifically Home broadband suitable. I mean example like the place I stayed is The territory of Maxxx, I move to a new place and this place is territory of UNxxx. So, when it comes to choosing broadband Internet for home, there are a whole range consider. TIME Fibre Home Broadband beat the fastest Internet speed in Malaysia with 500Mbps unlimited downloads and uploads, definitely gonna be the best package you can get now in town with more limited coverage. This plan is exclusively available online for a limited time, so hurry and get your hands on it before anyone else
On 7 October 2018, TIME Home Broadband launched Malaysia’s fastest ever fibre home broadband service with speeds of up to 1Gbps. With the speeds up to 1Gbps, Time Fibre Home Broadband is the fastest broadband provider to multi-dwelling units. Super speeds and competitive prices As the only full-fibre network provider in Malaysia, ensuring the best surfing experience. That’s what we concern about when comes to broadband plan but also depends on how many devices we are using at home. When it comes to speed, it is more than enough to download a song in seconds, HD movies in minutes and play any online games smoothly.
Signing up online is so easy and convenient, it only takes a few minutes. While Sign up online now, you’ll get RM100 off on your first month’s bill. Looking to get Fibre Home Broadband installed? Installation is simple. Here’s how it looks like : bit.ly/TIMEInstallation

Direct Link For Sign Up 
For more Information About Time Fibre Home Broadband, Kindly click on their Official Website : https://www.time.com.my


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