Philips Multicooker Cooks With Sidney Kan | Malaysia

In conjunction with the launch of the new Philips Premium All-in-One Multicooker HD2145, Malaysian food enthusiast Sidney Kan will having a cooking demonstration for Us. Chef Sidney Kan who is one of the experienced chefs where he always creates great recipes using this pressure cooker With the passion of cooking, he shares his recipes during the cooking session in Sampling on Fourteen at Berjaya Times Square.
Philips is back with another of their most recent products that are Philips Premium All-In-One Multicooker. This time it comes with more charming and modern designs with the latest functions. It's more convenient for cooking in your kitchen. On that day he cooked 3 types of Malaysian-based cuisines with Myanmar cuisine and Chinese cuisine. All the cook are using Philips Premium All-In-One Multicooker HD2145 products such as Lemon Chicken, Yellow Kroeung Curry With and Braised Beef and Tension.
The cooking demonstration will feature exciting yet easy to prepare halal dishes that you can make at home with the help of the new Philips Premium All-in-One Multicooker, plus tips shared by Sidney himself, on ways to make full use of the Multicooker.
Your perfectly cooked meal ready up to 6X faster* with

  • Dual control system
  • Add ingredient function
  • Sauce thickening function
  • 6L, 1000W

Dual control system accurately controls temperature
With Dual control system, the new All-in-One cooker accurately controls the temperature and reduces heating fluctuation by 50%*. With this accuracy, different ingredients are cooked just right so that you can enjoy high quality meals and even gourmet cuisine at home easily.

Multi cook to provide additional variety
Multi cook to provide additional variety Additional multi cook programs including steaming, baking and yoghurt making to create even more dishes and desserts to dazzle your family and friends.
MyFavorite stores up to 3 customized cooking programs
You can save up to 3 customized cooking programs, so by pressing the shortcut button you will be able to repeat your favourite dishes easily.

Programmable cooking settings give you full control
Now not only the cooking time but also the cooking pressure can be programmed, which gives you full control to achieve the texture to meet your personal preference. Increase the cooking pressure to get a even more tender result, while decrease it if you find it to be too soft.
Rich sauce made with single press of button
By simply pressing the Sauce thickening button, sauce and soup will be reduced to create a more intensified flavor.

SensorTouch control panel on the top for easy operation
SensorTouch control panel on the top for easy anf comfortable operations

Preset timer and automatic keep warm
The 24 hours easy-to-program preset timer and 12 hour automatic keep warm function help to ensure meals are hot and ready on time.
Pressure cook to put perfect meals on table in minutes
With the magic of pressure, even tough cuts can be tenderized in minutes. 9 pressure cooking modes help you to create great taste when you are time poor.

Saute/Sear to enhance richness of flavors
before the magic of cooking begins

Slow cook to create melt-in-mouth tenderness
Slow cook with high and low temperature settings creates melt-in-mouth tenderness

Auto pressure release reduces waiting and ensures safety
Pressure will be released automatically after cooking finishes, so there is no need to discharge the pressure manually or wait for the pressure to drop naturally as the cooker cools down.


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