The DASHING Sport Range , Malaysia

DASHING SPORT Range – Eau De Toilette and Deodorant for the Adrenaline Seekers
DASHING is releasing another sensational and exciting range of eau de toilette that captures all the elements of a body in motion. The DASHING Sport Range provides a fresh, stimulating grooming option with their newly released SPORT deodorant and eau de toilette collection.The DASHING man has a presence that delivers masculinity and confidence. The new scent perfectly encapsulates the eau de toilette’s crisp yet profoundly modern notes. The SPORT eau de toilette has a composition of exhilarating sensations with a sporty and edgy fragrance that appeals to the risk takers and adrenaline seekers.
Sweating is a common occurrence. Whether you’re walking to your car, heading to a meeting, hitting the gym or any other activity, no men can avoid breaking a sweat, especially in Malaysia’s humid weather. Body odour is a problem to many particularly, those active with their dynamic work and social lifestyle. Men are increasingly more self-aware in this digital age and fighting body odour is a priority.In battling the odour, deodorant and eau de toilette have been vital in men’s everyday grooming. Deodorants help in controlling body odour and boosting self confidence, while eau de toilette leaves a lasting scent and masks stench produced by the body. Finding the right deodorant and eau de toilette is important as there are deodorants and eau de toilettes that do not last long and leaves stains on clothes.
DASHING has heard the many woes of men out there and is releasing a new range which is DASHING SPORT to join the MCFC family. The DASHING SPORT range consists of deodorant body spray and eau de toilette.The SPORT Deodorant Body Spray comes in a 125 ml can and is not only formulated with 24 hours protection but it also has 6-in1 benefits that helps in the battle against body odour. The SPORT Deodorant Body Spray benefits urban men as it is anti-odour, anti-bacterial, quick drying, leaves no stains, has a lasting fragrance and provides ultimate freshness.
As for the SPORT Eau de Toilette, it comes in a new sporty 50ml sleek glass casing. This eau de toilette provides long-lasting sensational masculine fragrance with new formula and colour.Both of the deodorant body spray and eau de toilette are limited editions. The SPORT Deodorant Body Spray and the Eau de Toilette are available in 2 new variants; Hitman and Golden Boot.
Hitman is for the sporty men who is always on the go. It has an aromatic tonic fragrance that has a lively and refreshing smell of sparkling citrus and iced cucumber. The Sichuan pepper and lavender gives a hint of spiciness and combined with the signature patchouli and gaiac wood, it gives that magnetic and daring scent that can easily boost the confidence of any man.

The Golden Boot variant has a more musky and alluring fragrance. The rhubarb leaves and pimento gives that masculine spiciness to the wearer while the blend of cashmere wood and leather creates an unforgettable and appealing signature smell.The limited edition SPORT Deodorant Body Spray and the SPORT Eau de Toilette are both amazingly reasonably priced at RM12.90 and RM24.90, respectively.

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